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(8/18/2015) Two Good Votes Received, Items Which Recieved Two Votes Are Considered Approved

6,3 TERM LIMITS: Because politics was never intended to be a career choice; for then the career becomes foremost over the needs of the people; Term Limits and Per Diem pay will be set forth for ALL elected officials; From the Presidency on down. Serving as an elected official never was to replace or expand your yearly salary; just a token of appreciation without breaking the backs of the people they serve.

5,7 RESTORE GLASS-STEAGAL ACT: Restore Glass Steagal act.

1,11 ELECTION LAW: Implement pure proportional representation in all elections, paper ballots in all publicly funded general elections, protect free speech liberty by allowing all candidates a word(s)/party/category by their name of their own choosing as long as no slander or hate word(s) is used.

5,9 FEDERAL RESERVE: Nationalize the Federal Reserve Banking system, and place it under direct control of the Federal Government. And forbid any and all private interests from being involved in the production of currency.

13,2 VOTING SYSTEMS: Abolish the electoral college. Adopt the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, TO ELECT LEADERS BASED ON POPULAR VOTE WITHOUT INTERFERENCE OF CONTROL BY ANY GROUP.

10,10 CORPORATE LAW: Overturn the citizen's united ruling that 80% of America is opposed to. Add a constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people and that corporations are forbidden to lobby or give money DIRECTLY to political campaigns. And are specifically limited in the amounts Corporations can give per year to any PAC, or Candidate for office, and such non-tax deductible donations must all be publicly disclosed for all to see.

9,20 Immediate labeling of all foods containing GMO products and require that seeds be made available for testing as a condition of their release to the market.
* * *

(8/18/2015)Items Which Did Not Recieve Two Votes (Not Approved)

_1_ PEACE: The US shall not engage in any action of war against another country or people. Violence begets violence. To extend the Olive Branch of Peace, we must be open to listen to other solutions besides our own. We must close all foreign bases and reduce our military to that which is needed to protect its citizens and its borders. You cannot have Peace with a military presence to enforce it.

_2_ _Legalize Cannabis and Hemp 100% nationwide

_3_ _Space Colonization Plans to expand accomplishment in space expansion and exploration with Space Farming, Mining, Colonies on the Moon and Mars, resourceful energy gathering, research, science and medicine in space, Zero-Gravity Research and Space Vacuum Research

_4_ _Restore Civil Liberties for government to act only within the Law of the Constitution, end the Patriot Act, close Homeland Security, end mass surveillance, end mass data collection.

_4__ End all corruption in the all states and in the USA.

_6__ PROPORTIONAL CONGRESS: We support a constitutional amendment to create a pure proportional representation (PR) Congress which can and will replace the current Congress. And the Check on this Congress is again the same U.S. Supreme court, which by this amendment would be forced to consider the issues put forth by the new Congress and thereby forced to make a ruling.

_7__ Whereas the practice of economically favoring certain corporations or industries over others represents a direct interference in the process of free market capitalism which unfairly disadvantages small businesses and industries that are not subject to governmental favoritism, then Be it resolved that the U.S. Parliament hereby assumes and defines that the nation's policy shall be to effect economic policy in the absence of corporate welfare so as to create fair and equitable opportunity for all the nation's businesses and citizens, and Furthermore be it resolved, that the U.S. Parliament declares an immediate moratorium and elimination of all corporate welfare transactions of the U.S. Government, regardless of the nature of the corporation or industry which is the recipient of special subsidies or tax breaks that are not part of the nation's tax code as is equably imposed upon all businesses, and Furthermore be it resolved that the U.S. Parliament takes a national position against all forms of corporate welfare in all aspects of our nation's government, And finally, be it resolved that the U.S. Parliament will use all its resources and regulatory authority within its powers to administer policy that considers all forms of corporate welfare to immediately be considered null and void in practice, And furthermore finally, be it resolved that if the U.S. Parliament were the real U.S. Government, then it would send notification to every corporate recipient of special subsidies or tax breaks to provide them with notice that all such subsidies and tax breaks will be immediately ceased as is legally permissible.

_8_ MARRIAGE: Equal benefits and rights for Civil Unions in comparison to Marriage.

_8__ CORPORATE WELFARE: Whereas the continued practice of exercising corporate welfare nationally, defined as the granting of government subsidies or tax breaks or advantages to specific corporations or industries, results in an annual cost of $100 billion of U.S. Government funds, and

_11__ CORPORATE LAW: Implement a state or federal law that encourages corporate bylaws to use ranked choice voting in electing their board of directors and that requires 50% of the BoD to be workers and 50% to be shareholders with the CEO holding the additional vote. Prohibit equation of corporations to people with inherit rights.

12___ A USA PARLIAMENT: We support a constitutional amendment to create a US Parliament, which can and will replace Congress. And the Check on this US Parliament is again the same U.S. Supreme court, which by this amendment would be forced to consider the issues put forth by the US Parliament and thereby forced to make a ruling.

_12_ DRUG WAR: End the drug war at the federal level, (by restoring the amendment process and putting forth amendments to LEGALIZE AND OR CRIMINALIZE DRUGS.) and let states decide to legalize (/ CRIMINALIZE) marijuana and regulate (ANY) hard drugs, WHICH IS NOT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED IN THE u.s. CONSTITUTION, AND MADE CLEAR BY AMENDMENT.)

13___ ECONOMY: Bona fide criminal investigations into white collar crimes with full prosecution and severe sentencing of those convicted of wrongdoing. Real investigations for the many white collar criminals that crashed the US economy.

14___ Comprehensive tax reform upon further analysis with the goal of lessening the tax burden on middle and lower earners, removing loopholes for corporations in order to spread the tax burden, and potentially lessen the overall taxes on both corporations and individuals.

15___ HEALTH CARE: a) A tax based expansion of medicare taxation on all workers, to the point of offering that national insurance plan for all the people under the age of 65, but limited to true emergencies and yearly checkups and otherwise tests which doctors insist are needed. (meaning free healthcare, but not cushy everything you want once a week healthcare which some (some) often do, but honest as everything YOU ACTUALLY NEED healthcare.) b) The existing HMO systems can remain as supplementary, faster, better service care systems, which offer faster more convenient services, as the result of paying into said HMO systems. Meaning, for profit care can remain, if it actually provides extra services to its members, while all rational and reasonable real needed care for the masses would be provided as by the national system. c) The payment scale for this national plan would be set to what medicare is now, and adjusted as is reasonable over time. d) As part of this national plan, a form of nationalized cheaper testing for all biological samples (blood tests), is needed to provide the affordable means to encourage testing by doctors, and doing everything to motivate doctors to investigate their patients problems to the utmost, and do to this, requires cheap and efficient and trustworthy testing. Yet again, still allow private testing to service HMO's and other systems, who service private clients for profit.

16___ CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Restore the only legal system mentioned in the U.S. constitution and most state Constitutions, which is the Common Law legal system. It is the legal system our nation enjoyed since its beginning up until `1933, when FDR began to use emergency war powers to do unconstitutional things, AND WE DEMAND TO REPEAL AND REVERSE THE CHANGING OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM IN 1938, and thereby end the implementation of statute laws over the people, as under the Common Law the government is prevented from ever writing laws to control the free people. That is what the Common Law legal system did, AND WAS FOR, TO PROTECT US FROM THE GOVERNMENT ABUSE OF THE PEOPLE BY ENDLESS LAW MAKING.

17___ INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Restore constitutional trade mechanisms, including tariffs to protect our domestic markets.

18___ EDUCATION: Make legal terms every day common language instead of Latin or other specially designed terms. Require statutes and regulations to be written in everyday common language.

19___ MILITIAS AND ARMS: The right of individuals and of citizen militias to keep and bear arms, including legally concealed weapons; and the freedom to manufacture, purchase, trade and train in the use of such weapons and their constituent parts including the unfettered acquisition of ammunition. Restore constitutional AMENDMENT BASED limits on government arms restrictions.

21___ INFRASTRUCTURE: A rebuilding of America's infrastructure with a huge investment in high speed rail, electric cars, windmills, solar panels and any other energy efficient technology. Major R&D research into green tech and find those silver bullet breakthroughs that could create a tech boom much like the evolution of the computer/internet age that's still evolving. It's long overdue that America invests in itself and that our government takes a very active role in this. Hiring preferences need to be given to US citizens first and foremost. Also, meaning an increase in the public investments made into the universities of this nation, to encourage leading scientists and high level students to test and work on as much cutting edge research as is possible at the university level with full government support and resources to expedite research.

22___ CONGRESSIONAL LEGISLATION: CONGRESS PASS SPECIFIC AND EFFECTIVE LAWS LIMITING THE INFLUENCE OF LOBBYISTS AND ELIMINATING THE PRACTICE OF LOBBYISTS WRITING LEGISLATION THAT ENDS UP ON THE FLOOR OF CONGRESS. And empower the Attorney General to seek punishment for Representatives who do not write their own bills. All Congressional bills must be written by members of Congress, and must be read in entirety by members of Congress prior to voting.

23___ Declare as “sub-citizen” (consumer class), any member of the American Populace, that does not register to vote and who does not vote in every election. Henceforth, “Citizen” is the designation for those who have registered to vote and who vote in every election and governance process.

24___ Establish the “American Earned Guaranteed Income” and make it the reward for those members of American Society that enter “Citizen” status by registering to vote and who vote in all elections and other governance processes. A copy of the proposal for the “American Earned Guaranteed Income” can be found at “Op Ed News”

25___ Establish “Government Valid Address Sites” for the Homeless members of American Society, so that they can participate in the governance processes of Our Nation.

26___ Rewrite the “Peace Proposal” below, to include provisions for the Defense of Our Nation on its own sovereign territory.

_27__ RESTORE CONSTITUTION: As to the fact that the current system of government is broken; and when something is broken you tear it back down to the basics and rebuild it in a more efficient manner; the first order of business is to restore government to within the bounds set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Any amendments or changes must be approved by majority vote of the People and those elected to serve.
* * *

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