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2nd Texas Super-state

8/6/2018 to 8/5/2022
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President: Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit]
Vice President: Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament]
* * *

Chair: Rhett Smith [Libertarian]
Vice Chair: Hunter Crow [Green]
Deputy Vice Chair: Edward Gassoub [Environmentalist Green]
Secretary: Darcy Richardson [Peace & Freedom]
Vice Secretary: David Jouse [Peace & Freedom]
* * *


Directors' Votes for Executives

Executives' Votes for Cabinet

Guidelines of ss9

2nd Texas Super-state (USA-ss9) Senator Nominations
Super-state Senator Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

1 Super-state Senator Demetra Jefferson Wysinger [Wxyz New Day] (2020 US Presidential candidate) askwy2020@gmail.com, TX
2 Super-state Senator Hunter Crow [Green] (TX)
3 Super-state Senator Dakinya Jefferson [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), TX
* * *

2nd Texas Super-state (USA-ss9) Elector Nominations
Super-state Elector Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

1 Demetra Jefferson Wysinger [Wxyz New Day] (2020 US Presidential candidate) askwy2020@gmail.com, TX
2 Hunter Crow [Green] (TX)
3 Dakinya Jefferson [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), TX
4 Cedric Jefferson [Wxyz New Day] (TX)
5 Demondria Jefferson [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), TX
6 Whitney Bilyeu [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
7 Hal Ridley Jr. [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
8 Debra Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
9 Ron Paul [Libertarian], TX
10 Nancy Neale [Libertarian] (TX)
11 Ricky Harrington [Libertarian] www.rickyharrington.com (Candidate for Governor of Arkansas in 2022-11-8) USA-ss10-6
12 Elisheba Zodok-El [Noocratic] noocraticparty@protonmail.com, TX
13 Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shalamalak Zodok Khaba-El [Noocratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
14 Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shamuel [Noocratic] (Negus Shemsizedek) lawiyzodok@live.com, TX
15 Kim Thomas [My Vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks!] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
16 Charles Bruce Stewart [Libertarian & Common Law] (TX) (325) 603-0334
17 Sara Miller [Libertarian] (TX)
18 James Tyler Lindsey [Libertarian] (TX)
19 Mary Haskett [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
20 Gary Johnson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
21 Philip Gray [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
22 Lynn Rosas [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
23 Mark Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
24 Josh McMahan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
25 Kurt Hildebrand [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
26 Steven Haskett [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
27 Laura Valle [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
28 Edward Kless [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
29 Kathie Glass [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
30 Tom Laurent [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
30 John Wilford [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
31 Rebecca Paddock [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
32 William Collins [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
33 Kevin Ludlow [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
34 John Shuey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
35 Mary Laurent [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
36 John Spivey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
37 Curry Taylor [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
38 Kerry McKennon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
39 Benjamin Farmer [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
40 Timothy Martinez [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
41 James Crossman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
42 Whitney Jones [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
43 Ed Rankin [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
44 John Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
45 Bonar Troy [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
46 Edwin Zimmerman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
47 Elizabeth LeBlan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
48 Debra Scharf [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
49 Arlene Lewis [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
50 Charlotte Cocker [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
51 Jane Gambill [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
53 Alma Juarez [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
54 Francis Compy [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
55 Karia Jumar [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
56 Tori Xander 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
57 Gale Wievert [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
58 Harry Swan [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
59 Rachel Zollers [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
60 Edger Thompson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
61 Lauren Aldert [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
62 Ed Cunningham [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
63 Rachel Barkindosa [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
64 Erik Konan [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
65 Jessica Brabender [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
66 Robert Einert [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
67 Rachel Smith [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
68 Marco Polo aka Jimmy Kens [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
69 Mary Burgess [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
70 Kevin Drafre [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
71 Beatrice Shine [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
72 Ben Zimmern [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
73 Cheryl Meader [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
74 Montel Sharba [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
75 Jennifer Gale [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
76 John Shine [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
77 Marta Cox [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
78 Gary Sedorholm [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
79 Shelly Jones [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
80 Katie Hunesta [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
81 Mykai Landis [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
82 Debbie Porter [Commie] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
83 Raymond Yeager [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
84 Lisa Porepii [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
85 Dan Qualch [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
86 Rhonda Wendel [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
87 Horton Fortencia [Communism] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
88 Nina Lindsay [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
89 Edwardo Garcia [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
90 Christina Pallazolo [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
91 Pedro Chinnez [Communism] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
92 Oleda Jimenez [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
93 Yetti Man [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
94 Herman Oiut [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
95 Mariela Montakos [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
96 Adam Inhoff [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
97 Chris Garben [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
98 JT Murray [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
99 Mat Reland [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
100 Jesus Alba [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
101 Andy Martinez [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
102 Jesus Primitivo [Mexican Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
103 Sandra Contri [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
104 Amenz Portaniw [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
105 Deanne Vorow [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
106 John Ivins [Info. .Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
107 Lisa Murkowski [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
108 John Parramore [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
109 Gordon Hermosa [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
110 Kumar [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
111 Don Pitts [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
112 Wendell Orgam [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
113 Norm Einer [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
114 Ticko Sommguez [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
115 Lawrence Gomen [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
116 Jim Shew [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
117 Jett Jackson [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
118 John Comana [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
119 Firenz Lorganzi [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
120 Sonar Gupta [Indian Democracy] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
121 Gina Mann [Tranny] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
122 Marcia Bradley [Undecided] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
123 Frjeda Sokol [Jewish Conservative] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
124 Chuck R. Lauser [Liberal Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
125 Displaced Jersey Boy [Longhorns Rule] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
126 Goncho Alvarez [Marijuana] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
127 Consuela Mendola [My Own] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
128 Nominating Rick Perry [No More Obama] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
129 Michael Kostopoulas [Photogenic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
130 Tom Bartlett [Rich] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
131 Chaz Bear Jackson [The Party] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
132 Richard Hines [Undefined] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
133 Andy Gonzalez [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
134 Lyndall Kristie [Bush Regime] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
135 Martese Conchun [Border Warrior] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
136 Ryan Hess [Hydralisk] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
137 Jennifer Evans [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
138 Patricia Cornwall [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
139 Beaulah Mae Jackson [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
140 Sonja Franzea [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
141 Tina Rodney [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
142 Roberta Marrone [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
143 Larry Perrault [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
144 Michael Dell [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
145 Lou Zir [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
146 Toni Allen [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
147 Don Blackstone [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
148 Christie Shanafelt [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
149 Elizabeth McLane [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
150 Lindsey Tenlap [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
151 Morgan Juma [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
152 Paul Brown [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
153 Boone Timutua [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
154 Laurie Dean-Arms [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
155 Georgeena Abad [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
156 David Collins [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
157 William Sparkman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
158 Chuck Seevers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
159 Alex Jones [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
160 Fred Norris [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
161 Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
162 Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
163 Connie Mendosa [Free] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
164 Hermosi Kandanzai [Free Radical] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
165 Jonathan Britton [Free Energy] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
166 Lisa Davis [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
167 J.R.Bass [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
168 Bo Kakke [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
169 Jorge Seester [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
170 Nick Dartern [Frat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
171 Topher Conway [Frat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
172 Lawiy Zodok Shamuel [Noocratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
173 Jermaine Nommik [Vote for Josh] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
174 Carla Vox [Roseannearchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
175 Ethan Moore [Roseanne] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
176 Victor Huego [Mexico Free] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
177 Amendalia Horveo [Mexico] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
178 Joshua Steinman [Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
179 Michael Hornzela [Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
180 Sandra Dundsmoore [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
181 Yolanda Amandoza [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
182 Michael Dooling [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
183 Jon Hom [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
185 Aaron Close [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
186 Shawn Huckabay [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
187 Joseph Duncan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
188 William George Kelsey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
189 Gary Doan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
190 Lauren Daugherty [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
191 Elizabeth D. Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
192 Eric Guerra [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
193 June Genis [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
194 Bobie Wayne Townsend II [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
195 Shannon D. Thomason [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
196 Ginny Moore [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
197 Patrick Mitchell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
198 Constantin Dragomirov [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
199 James Gholston [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
200 R. Edwin Adams [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
201 Darren Pollok [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
202 Kate Prather [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
203 Carolyn Sansing [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
204 Andrew Amelang [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
205 Cynthia Welch [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
206 Carol Ann Marie Unsicker [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
207 Nolan Schmidt [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
208 Jax Finkel [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
209 Mark Ash [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
210 Matt Finkel [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
211 Nathan Moxley [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
212 Arthur Thomas IV [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
213 Doug Crall [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
214 Madlen J. Krause [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
215 David Marino [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
216 Geoffrey Neale [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
217 Jeinay LeBlanc [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
218 Nathan Kinman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
219 Patrick Dixon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-9
220 Guilford Robinson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
221 Thomas Glass [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
222 Aaron Bonn [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
223 Marcia Daughey [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
224 Kathleen Nenninger [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
225 Gene Seaman [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
226 Steven Howell [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
227 Sean O'Brien [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
228 Ruby Manen [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
229 Jim Pikl [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
230 Thomas Edward Reynolds [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
231 Randy Orr [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
232 Donnie Wisenbaker [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
233 James Gaines [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
234 Harry Zenner [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
235 Jimmy Weaver [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
236 Tamon Hamlett [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
237 Paul Matthews [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
238 Michael Sabat [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
239 David Bruegel [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
240 Matt Patrick [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
241 Nancy Scott [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
242 Ken Mercer [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
243 Carol Daley [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
244 Bill O'Sullivan [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
245 Richard Tex Hall [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
246 Charles Hasse [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
247 Dawn Elliott [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
248 Mike Gibson [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
249 Naomi Narvaiz [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
250 Mark Ramsey [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
251 Maj. Marco A. Rodriguez [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
252 Debra Risinger [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
253 Matthew Stringer [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
254 Dave Gebhart [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
255 Karen Newton [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
256 Rena Peden [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
257 Mary Jane Avery [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
258 Briscoe Cain [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
259 Tom Roller [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
260 Peyton Inge [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
261 Mike R. Nichols [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
262 Fawaz S. Anwar [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
263 Ernest L. Brister [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
264 Jo Sutton [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
265 Michael Jackson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
266 Cecily E. Cox [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
267 Kimberly Washington [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
268 Doris Fears [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
269 Frances Rizo [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
270 Nick Lampson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
271 Tzatzil LeMair [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
272 Raul Garcia [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
273 Larry Yawn [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
274 Leslie Pool [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
275 Diana Robinson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
276 Mary Kay Green [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
277 Adoneca Fortier [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
278 Sandra Thomson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
279 Angela Williams [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
280 Tabatha A. Tower [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-2
281 Bob Mackey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-8
282 Rhett Smith [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-10
283 Thom Prentice [Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-10
284 Daniel Monahan [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-10
285 Ben Saenz [Indigenous People] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-10
286 Charles Bruce Stewart [Green Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
287 Prince E. Winbush III [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
288 Gloria Ramirez Uribe [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
289 John M. Stafford [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
290 Terri Hodge [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
291 Mike R. Lopez [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
292 Lisa McLeod [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
293 Arthur Pronin [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
294 Drew Landry [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
295 Martha Williams [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
296 Nishan Khan [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
297 Elisa Tamayo [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
298 Libby Willis [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
299 Richard Gonzalez [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
300 Kay Parr [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
301 Aftab Siddiqui [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
302 Rosalie Weisfeld [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
303 David Rosen [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
304 Kristi Baird [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
305 Brandon Turner [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
306 Nancy Gaige [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
307 Kayleen Williams [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
308 Carroll Bowers [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
309 Wesson Gaige [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
310 Don Palmer [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
311 Cory Bowers [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
312 Matthew J. Bauman [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
313 Laura Palmer [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
314 Brody Mulligan [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
315 Nancy Saibara-Naritomi [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
316 Antonio Diaz [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
317 Kellis Ruiz [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
318 Alfred Molison III [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
319 Paul lngmundson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
320 Christa Schelter [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
321 Gwendolyn Molison [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
322 Kevin McCormick [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
323 Diane Wood [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
324 Deb Shafto [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
325 Ellen Berky [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
326 Travis Christal [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
327 Joel West [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
328 Julian Villarreal [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
329 Katija Gruene [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
330 Bernadine Williams [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
331 Antonio Padron [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
332 Kent Mesplay [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
333 Alan Alan Apurim [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
334 Blake Ingram [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
335 John David Prout [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
336 Donald Alfred Cook [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
337 Audrey Milton [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
338 Justin Richardson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
339 Mary Cook [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
340 Rachel Schelter [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
341 Lisa Richardson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
342 Lucas Thoms [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
* * *

1. Alfie Alfonso 2. Rickye Henderson 3. Brian Mays 4. Bernie Durst 5. Edward Johnson 6. Shelly Loyd 7. Loyd Lee Nelson 8. Kiersten Flores 9. Rashia Dunbar 10. Stephanie Lewis 11. Brittany Mays 12. Gianni Hentrich 13. Brian Douglas Mays 1. Brian Talbot Jr. 2. Johanna Maria Rudoph 3. Stephen R. Rudolph 4. Mary Rebecca Haigler 5.. Juan Antonio Munoz 6. Mary A. Kelleher 7. Warren P. Christilles 8. Thad Crouch 9. Timothy K. Chase 10. Michele Christine Gunn 11. Jason Heath 12. Joshua Perkins 13. Jocelyn Perkins


14. Rickeetra Caldwell 15. Kirby Jay 16. Lauren Godbebere 17. Ahmed Moheamed 18. Patrick Moore 19. Michael Murray 20. Leonard Loft 21. Cornell Hill 22. Martha Del Negro 23. Mark Henry 24. Thera Dolphus Williams 25. Andre Hatcher 26. Kenneth Holmes


14. Stephen Schmidt 15. Thomas David Adams 16. Lyle Pearce 17. George Yancey 18. Andromeda Yancey 19. Rebecca Susan Hamilton 20. Edward Lees Hamilton 21. Micah Kent Yoder 22. Pamela Hasker 23. Katherine Hasker 24. Patrick Burnham 25. Cheryl P. Smothermon 26. Jared A. Smothermon

27. Hombre Finch 28. Gilbert Rangel 29. Jared Moreno 30. Hailey Matteson 31. Xzander A vare 32. Vanessa Ximenez 33. Tiana Featherstone 34. Malik Chavez 35. Simonetta Brown McKenzie 36. Safee Nazarali 37. Antonia J. Mosqueda 38. Charles Dick 27. Jeremy Branks 28. Robert John Medaille 29. John Boswell Miller 30. Lois Kerschen 31. Roger Hillhouse 32. Adelle Renee WalterTrogdon 33. Ariel Valencia Nixon 34. Nicholas Mataya 35. Rebecca Mataya 36. Maria Talbot 37. Andrew Kinney 38. Diane Fournier


1. Hermelina Abp.z Duque 13. DeShauna Randolph 26. Daniela Bonilla 2. Gabriel Gonzalez 14. David Bui 27. Bryan A. Gonzalez 3. Maria Ana Rivera 15. Flor Hernandez 28. Rafael Jasso 4. Shelby Boseman 16. Joseph Zuniga 29. Cherise Childs 5. Megan Boseman 17. Christopher Cowell 30. Emmily Quiroz 6. Gabriela Sanchez 18. Gloria I. Saavedra 31 . Keith Cichorz 7. Miguel Nistal 19. Deonte Ledet 32. Leticia Gil 8. Jessica Garcia Munoz 20. Yvonne Dyer 33. Andres Reza 9. Yajaira Julissa Hernandez 21. Tamia Addison 34. David Sigala Herrera 22. Stephenia McKinney 35. Marco Chapa 10. Henry Rodriguez 23. Sylvia Mata 36. Laura Rupert 11. Jose Luis Nava 24. Jordan Walzer 37. Alberto Macedo 12. Pablo Toscano 25. Glenda Huerta 38. Sean Lockridge


1. Dora E. Garcia 13. Manuel Rojas Moreno 26. Norma Lourdes Garza 2. Jesus Ruelas 14. Cesar Fuentes 27. Marisol Garza Moore 3. Gustavo C. Fonseca 15. Danny Ramirez 28. Rigoberto Bocanegra 4. Ignacio Perez, Jr. 16. Carlos Sifuentes Jr. 29. Richard Edward Moore III 5. San Juana Carmen 17. Humberto Salinas Jr. 30. Lucia H. Soto Palacios 18. Caitlin Jean Marquez 31 . Ruben Rios 6. Rufino Lopez 19. Cesar Enrique Garza 32. Maria Irma Gallardo 7. Clemente Lopez 20. Enrique C. Garza 33. Victor Manuel Garcia 8. Anabel Yanez Gomez 21. Cristina Mendoza Garza 34. Luisa T. Santana 9. Agustin Martinez IV 22. Adalberto De Leon 35. Eleno Castillo 10. Efrain Balli Jr. 23. Madelynn Cortez 36. Alfredo Avila Lopez 11 . Eligio Meudiola 24. George Garcia 37. Jesus Ruben Briseno 12. Natalia Quintero Moreno 25. Diego Gonzalez Corpus 38. Juan E. Vela


1. Tim Sedgwick 2. Dixie Sedgwick 3. Jared McCurrin 4. Jessica Kimberly Fagin 5. Andrew C. Sanders 6. Megan Sanders 7. Lynn Sanders 8. Alan C. Sanders 9. Susan Dantzler 10. Katelyn Sims 11. Breia Danyelle McCain 12. B. Anne Baker 13. Anne Martin

1. James Griffith 2. Rachell Tucker 3. Jacob Tucker 4. Scott Simpson 5. Marissa Rodriguez-Picazo 6. Luis Rangel 7. Valerie Eaton 8. Dominique Jones 9. Aaron Reveles 10. Ryan Phillips 11. Cooper F este 12. Dariel Hernandez 13. Kenneth Hom 14. Jason Martin 15. Brent Hoefling 16. John Martincic 17. Johnathan A. Taylor 18. Johan Gervais 19. Justin Stanford 20. Carl W. Kalbfleisch 21. Mande M. Kalbfleisch 22. Daryl Rodriguez 23. Colleen Marie Rodriguez 24. Jason Hathaway 25. Theodore R. Raymond Jr. 26. Enemencio John Mendoza


14. Shea Earle 15. Solomon Gaulding 16. Thomas Wade 17. Joseph Wade 18. Prescott Hidalgo-Monroy 19. Kristen Cole HidalgoMonroy 20. Thomas Leavitt 21. Sophia Perrault 22. Ronni Jones 23. Alex Durden 24. Cody McPhail 25. Mustafa Alnomani 27. Travis Cooper 28. Polly Prior 29. Kathryn Carpenelli 30. Cameo Carpenelli 31. Marcia A. Steinour 32. Stella S. Milam 33. Tom Emmons 34. Rhonda Emmons 35. Terence M. Jessup 36. Juanita Wilson 37. Stephen Prior 38. David Glen Sims Jr. 26. Kyle Kennedy 27. Kaitlyn Neal 28. Emilie Anderson 29. Nicholas Elliot Kralj 30. Jovanni Reyes 31. William Guess 32. Kassidy Motal 33. Andrew Perretta 34. Frank Valdez 35. Matthew Lyons 36. Michael Leach 37. Adrien Waterman 38. Richard Williford


1. Brooke Fisher 14. Josh Burkhalter 26. Katrina J. Herren 2. Eric Irving Davis 15. Darryl Pierre 27. Hari Kim Khalsa 3. Hurt Porter III 16. Emily Madonia 28. Alex Brutka 4. Greg Goodman 17. Jesus Sandoval-Serrano 29. David P. Frye 5. Brian Thornton 18. Veronica Pineda 30. Austin Silva 6. Harris Thornton 19. Donald P. Davison 31 , Heather Gilbreath 7. David A. McClain 20. Sherron Wallace 32. Julia Britt 8. Jessica Lund Southworth 33. Cynthia Singleton 9. David D'Attilio 21 . Danny Taylor Jr. 34. James Waylon Johnson 10. Adam Skidmore 22. John A. Castillo Jr. 35. Christy Bankston 11 . Joseph Zenner 23 . Amy Lynch Kolflat 36. Christy Love 12. Emma Hauenstein 24. Sian Taylor 37. Sanya Ismail 13. Jennifer Russell 25. Mike Eros 38. Dianne Sawyer


1. Nadeem Syed 14. Paloma Medellin 27. Sarah Stewart 2. Bradley John Parsons 15. Ashley Rodriguez 28. Rebekah Stewart 3. Mark Phillips 16. Candice Coy 29. Rachel Stewart 4. Erica Lockwood 17. John Chlebowski 30. Carolyn Kim 5. Sammy Mack Royal 18. Eric Rollins 31 . Carolyn Carlisle 6. Travis Allen Doss 19. Krystel Robinson 32. Carson Darling 7. Adam Cahn 20. Jakob Hunley 33. Cameron Darling 8. Maren Asbury 21 . Gerard Cosloy 34. Ricky Hernandez 9. Emily Wagner 22. Grace Hooker 35. Amanda Koehne 10. Joseph S. Edgar 23. James Wang 36. Ryan King 11. Mikaela Keller 24. Tim Banks 37. Daisy Sanchez 12. Emily Tomczyk 25. Kaleb Robison 38. Kobe Boyce 13. Elijah Schultze 26. Marcie Stewart


1. Catherine Morales 2. Roxanne Moore 3. Timathy Saul 4. Analisa Gaona 5. Austin Freeman 6. Morgan Chance 7. Vincent Hannemann 8. Jeremy Shirk 9. Ryan Duffy 10. Jonathan Minchew 11 . Roberto Perez 12. Gregorio Ruedas III 13. Cherie Council 14. Mark Rosenberg 15. Sylvia Juarez 16. Brittnay Ahmed 17. Luis Roberto Rodriguez 18. Angela McHugh 19. Christopher Martinez 20. Maria Espinoza 21. Kativa Roe 22. Reuben Rundle 23. Debra Thornton 24. Geronimo Jesus Ruedas 25. Michael Blaylark 26. Lynda Kay Wilkinson
* * *

Updated on 2021-9-27
* * *

2nd Texas Super-state
2018-8-5 to 2022-8-5


Democratic Party - 33

Debra Scharf [Democratic], Arlene Lewis [Democrat], Charlotte Cocker [Democrat], Jane Gambill [Democrat], Alma Juarez [Democratic], Sandra Dundsmoore [Democratic], Yolanda Amandoza [Democratic], Francis Compy [Democrat], Karia Jumar [Democrat], Tori Xander [Democrat], Gale Wievert [Democrat], Harry Swan [Democrat], Rachel Zollers [Democrat], Edger Thompson [Democratic], Lauren Aldert [Democrat], Ed Cunningham [Dem.], Rachel Barkindosa [Democrat], Erik Konan [Democrat], Jessica Brabender [Democrat], Robert Einert [Democrat], Rachel Smith [Democrat], Marco Polo aka Jimmy Kens [Democrat], Mary Burgess [Democrat], Kevin Drafre [Democrat], Beatrice Shine [Democrat], Ben Zimmern [Democrat], Cheryl Meader [Democrat], Montel Sharba [Democrat], Jennifer Gale [Democrat], John Shine [Democrat], Marta Cox [Democrat], Gary Sedorholm [Democrat], Shelly Jones [Democrat],

Communist Party - 23

Katie Hunesta [Communist], Mykai Landis [Communist], Debbie Porter [Commie], Raymond Yeager [Communist], Lisa Porepii [Communist], Dan Qualch [Communist], Rhonda Wendel [Communist], Horton Fortencia [Communism], Nina Lindsay [Communist], Edwardo Garcia [Communist], Christina Pallazolo [Communist], Pedro Chinnez [Communism], Oleda Jimenez [Communist], Yetti Man [Communist], Herman Oiut [Communist], Mariela Montakos [Communist], Adam Inhoff [Communist], Chris Garben [Communist], JT Murray [Communist], Mat Reland [Communist], Jesus Alba [Communist], Andy Martinez [Communist], Jesus Primitivo [Mexican Communist],

Info. Not Avail. Party - 18

Sandra Contri [Info. Not Avail.], Amenz Portaniw [Info. Not Avail.], Deanne Vorow [Info. Not Avail.], John Ivins [Info. .Not Avail.], Lisa Murkowski [Info. Not Avail.], John Parramore [Info. Not Avail.], Gordon Hermosa [Info. Not Avail.], Poncho" Jorge Santos [Info. Not Avail.], Kumar [Info. Not Avail.], Don Pitts [Info. Not Avail.], Wendell Orgam [Info. Not Avail.], Norm Einer [Info. Not Avail.], Ticko Sommguez [Info. Not Avail.], Lawrence Gomen [Info. Not Avail.], Jim Shew [Info. Not Avail.], Jett Jackson [Info. Not Avail.], John Comana [Info. Not Avail.], Firenz Lorganzi [Info. Not Avail.],

Parties With One Seat - 18

Sonar Gupta [Indian Democracy], Gina Mann [Tranny], Marcia Bradley [Undecided], Frjeda Sokol [Jewish Conservative], Chuck R. Lauser [Liberal Democrat], Displaced Jersey Boy [Longhorns Rule], Goncho Alvarez [Marijuana], Consuela Mendola [My Own], Nominating Rick Perry [No More Obama], Michael Kostopoulas [Photogenic], Tom Bartlett [Rich], Chaz Bear Jackson [The Party], Richard Hines [Undefined], Andy Gonzalez [Independent], James Ogle [One], Lyndall Kristie [Bush Regime], Martese Conchun [Border Warrior], Ryan Hess [Hydralisk],

Republican Party - 11

Jennifer Evans [Republican], Patricia Cornwall [Republican], Beaulah Mae Jackson [Republican], Sonja Franzea [Republican], Tina Rodney [Republican], Roberta Marrone [Republican], Larry Perrault [Republican], Michael Dell [Republican], Lou Zir [Republican], Toni Allen [Republican], Don Blackstone [Republican],

Green Tea Party - 8

Christie Shanafelt [Green Tea], Elizabeth McLane [Green Tea], Lindsey Tenlap [Green], Morgan Juma [Green], Paul Brown [Green], Boone Timutua [Green], Laurie Dean-Arms [Green], Georgeena Abad [Green],

Libertarian Party - 5

Rhett Smith [Libertarian], William Sparkman [Libertarian], Chuck Seevers [Libertarian], Alex Jones [Libertarian], Fred Norris [Libertarian],

Free Spirit Party - 5

Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit], Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament], Connie Mendosa [Free], Hermosi Kandanzai [Free Radical], Jonathan Britton [Free Energy],

Pot Party - 4

Lisa Davis [Pot], J.R.Bass [Pot], Bo Kakke [Pot], Jorge Seester [Pot],

Frat Party - 2

Nick Dartern [Frat], Topher Conway [Frat],

My Vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks! Party - 2

Kim Thomas [My Vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks!], Jermaine Nommik [Vote for Josh],

Roseannearchist Party - 2

Carla Vox [Roseannearchist], Ethan Moore [Roseanne],

Mexico Free Party - 2

Victor Huego [Mexico Free], Amendalia Horveo [Mexico],

Socialist Party - 2

Joshua Steinman [Socialist], Michael Hornzela [Socialist],

Noocratic Party - 2

Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shalamalak Zodok Khaba-El [Noocratic], Lawiy Zodok Shamuel [Noocratic]
* * *

Total 137 Elected Directors
First Vote Count on 2018-8-6
Updated on 2021-9-27
* * *

Dallas County Mini-state (ss9-4)

Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-39
Blank PDF of Paper Ballot e-aps-39
Marked Paper Ballots e-aps-39-marked
Totals e-aps-totals

* * *

Texas Super-state (ss9)

North Panhandle Mini-state (ss9-1) January
Parker-Bell Central Mini-state (ss9-2) February
Fort Worth County Mini-state (ss9-3) March
Dallas County Mini-state (ss9-4) April
NorthEast Texas Mini-state (ss9-5) May
East Texas Mini-state (ss9-6) June
Harris County Mini-state (ss9-7) July
Austin Region Mini-state (ss9-8) August
South-Texas Mini-state (ss9-9) September
Bexar Texas Mini-state (ss9-10) October
Central Texas Mini-state (ss9-11) November
West Texas Mini-state (ss9-12) December
* * *

History of 1st and 2nd Texas Super-states

2nd Texas Super-state 2018
Marked Ballots (ss9)

1st Texas Super-state 2014
Marked Ballots (ss9)
Marked Ballot Totals (ss9)
* * *

Navigation for Voting (pprelectoralcollege.com)

Guidelines (e-aps-1)

Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-1
Blank PDF Paper Ballot e-aps-1.pdf
Marked Paper Ballots e-aps-1-marked
Totals e-aps-1-totals

Unity Platform (e-aps-6)

Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-6
Blank PDF Paper Ballot #e-aps-6
Marked Paper Ballots #e-aps-6
Paper Ballot Totals #e-aps-6

Directors (e-aps-13)

Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-13
Blank PDF Paper Ballot #e-aps-13
Marked Paper Ballots e-aps-13-marked
Totals e-aps-totals

* * *

USA Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College (Est. 1995)

New England (ss1) January
New York (ss2) February
North Atlantic (ss3) March
Mid-Atlantic (ss4) April
SouthEast (ss5) May
South (ss6) June
Great Lakes (ss7) July
MidWest (ss8) August
Texas (ss9) September
SouthWest (ss10) October
California (ss11) November
PacificNW (ss12) December
* * *

International Parliament (Est. 2016)

China #1 (P-1) January
China #2 (P-2) February
India #1 (P-3) March
India #2 (P-4) April
Africa #1 (P-5) May
Africa #2 (P-6) June
America #1 (P-7) July
America #2 (P-8) August
EurAsia and Middle East (P-9) September
Russia (P-10) October
Europe (P-11) November
Asia Pacific (P-12) December
* * *