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The United Coalition USA National Executive Cabinet

Executives Votes for Cabinet.
Please contact any one of the five executives (Execs)
when you'd like to nominate a name to the Cabinet!

The Sixty Full Cabinet Ministers

Vote Counting Minister James Ogle [One]
Press Secretary
Small Business Administration Minister
Government Reduction Minister
Foreign Affairs Minister
Research and Science Minister
Defense Minister
FEMA Minister
Health and Human Services Minister
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Minister
Interior Minister
Treasury Minister
Independent Expenditure Minister
Mediation Minister
United States Postal (USP) Minister

Housing and Urban Development Minister
Families, Housing, Community and Indigenous People Minister
FBI Minister
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister
Peace Corps Minister
Global Foreign Affairs Minister
Federal Maritime Commission Minister
Securities & Exchange Minister
IRS Minister
Federal Elections Commission Minister
Justice Minister
Agriculture Minister
Economics Minister
Federal Communications Commissioner Minister
Evict Corporate Influence Minister

Arts & Culture Minister
National Council on Disability Minister
General Services Administration Minister
Speaker Minister
Federal Reserve System Minister
Social Security Administration (SSA) Minister
States Rights Minister
Labor Minister
Transportation Minister
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister
Human Rights Minister
Constitutional Law Minister
Energy Minister
Veterans Affairs Minister
Environmental Minister

Attorney General Minister
Platform Minister
Supreme Electoral Council Minister
Intelligence and Security Minister
Internal Affairs of the Senate Minister
CIA Minister
BATF Minister
Education Minister
AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Minister
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Minister
Native American Affairs Minister
Homeland Security Minister
Commerce Minister
Secretary of State Minister
Farm Credit Administration Minister

The Deputy Cabinet Ministers

Seputy Ministers to be Here
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Updated on 2023-7-19

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