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The United Coalition USA National Executive Cabinet

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The Sixty Full Cabinet Ministers

Environmental Minister Paul Hol man [Libertarian], paulholman@live.com, (CA)
Government Reduction Minister Evret Justin Greer [Libertarian] ME https://www.facebook.com/greer2022/?hc_location=ufi
Press Secretary Roy J. Kendall (CA) [USS Liberty] royjkendall@hotmail.com
Small Business Administration Minister Benjamin Meiklejohn [Green Independent]
Foreign Affairs Minister Robert Morris [Republican]
Research and Science Minister Niranjan C. Bhat [Info. Not Avail.]
Defense Minister Palmer Kain [Info. Not Avail.]
FEMA Minister Joe Phillips [Socialist]
Health and Human Services Minister Kristy Knight [Consciousness]
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Minister Nikhil Chakma [Jumma indigenous people, Chittagong Hill Tracts]
Interior Minister David Grimesey [Green]
Treasury Minister
Independent Expenditure Minister Shannon Cox [RoseanneArchist]
Mediation Minister
United States Postal (USP) Minister Andrew Hollis [Info. Not Avail.]

Housing and Urban Development Minister Ernest Wells [Communist]
Families, Housing, Community and Indigenous People Minister Vicky Holte Takamine [Info. Not Avail.]
FBI Minister Samuel Clemens [Atheist]
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister John Spencer [Liberty]
Peace Corps Minister Beverly Dittmar [Libertarian]
Global Foreign Affairs Minister
Federal Maritime Commission Minister Eric Peterson [Green]
Securities & Exchange Minister Jim Mueller [Direct Representation]
IRS Minister Patricia Gray [Justice]
Federal Elections Commission Minister James Mason [Justice]
Justice Minister Clinton Crane [Whig]
Agriculture Minister Mary M. Hill [Independent]
Economics Minister Amaterasu Solar [Ethical Planetarian]
Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Brandon Andrews [Info. Not Avail.]
Evict Corporate Influence Minister Dale Hamaker [Independent]

Arts & Culture Minister Lucian Myron [Polyglot]
National Council on Disability Minister Alexander "Sasha" Ivanoff [Independent]
General Services Administration Minister William Cerf [Green, Modern Whig]
Speaker Minister Aldous C. Tyler [Green]
Federal Reserve System Minister Cornelius F. Brantley Jr. [Multi-Party USA]
Social Security Administration (SSA) Minister Veronica Nowakowski [Socialist]
States Rights Minister Parker Louis Seely [Conservative libertarian Independent]
Labor Minister Joseph C. Skues [Green]
Transportation Minister Saichairi Rian McGrath [Socialist]
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Barbara Marumoto [Republican]
Human Rights Minister Mimi Soltysik [Socialist]
Constitutional Law Minister Larry Carter Center [Green]
Energy Minister Dr. Paul Kangas [Green]
Veterans Affairs Minister Dick V. Franson [Independent]
Vote Counting Minister James Ogle [One]

Attorney General Minister Asa Gordon [DC Statehood]
Platform Minister Sam Hopkins [libertarian]
Supreme Electoral Council Minister Rhys Scarlett [United Socialism]
Intelligence and Security Minister Rudolf Nikolic [Republican]
Internal Affairs of the Senate Minister Steve Kest [Info. Not Avail.]
CIA Minister Mark Phillips [Info. Not Avail.]
BATF Minister Russell Lajoie [Peace]
Education Minister Merlin Harper [JacobinTrotsky]
AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Minister Michael Villinova [Progressive Socialist]
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Minister Michael Music [Peace & Freedom]
Native American Affairs Minister Charlie Hill [Info. Not Avail.]
Homeland Security Minister Thomas Muhammad [Independent]
Commerce Minister Jim Cortez [Roseannearchist]
Secretary of State Minister Patrick Swarts [Roseannearchist]
Farm Credit Administration Minister Prince Joseph [Roseannearchist]

The Deputy Cabinet Ministers

Deputy Environmental Minister Andy Caffrey [Democratic]
Deputy Government Reduction Minister Mark Herd [Libertarian]
Deputy Press Secretary Minister Natalia Eitelbach [World Democratic]
Deputy Small Business Administration Minister Dave Valente [Libertarian]
Deputy Research and Science Minister Keenan Dunham [Libertarian]
Deputy Defense Minister Brian Crowell [Info. Not Avail.]
Deputy FEMA Minister JZ Knight [Info. Not Avail.]
Deputy Health and Human Services Minister Sean Churchill [Independent]
Deputy Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Minister Sevenlayercake [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Treasury Minister Alayna Kurejea Cali [Noocratic]
Deputy Mediation Minister Laurie Irvin [Roseannearchist]
Deputy United States Postal Service (USPS) Minister Robert S. [Pot]
Deputy Housing and Urban Development Minister Kelly Ann Pritchard [Roseannearchist]

Deputy FBI Minister April Flint [Democratic]
Deputy Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister Dashus Christ [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Peace Corps Minister Mary Zimmerman [Democratic]
Deputy Global Foreign Affairs Minister Joy Waymire [Decline to State]
Deputy Federal Maritime Commission Minister Jake Pentland [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Securities & Exchange Minister Misha Bogatirev [Environmentalist]
Deputy IRS Minister Michele Marie Bachmann [Republican]
Deputy Federal Elections Commission Minister Cornelius F. Brantey Jr. [Multi-Party USA]
Deputy Justice Minister Jay Kelly [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Agriculture Minister Anita Stewart [Green]
Deputy Economics Minister Jim Burns [Libertarian]
Deputy Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Hal Ginsberg [Green]
Deputy Evict Corporate Influence Minister Debra "Paaatriot101" Paulsen [Independent]
Deputy Arts & Culture Minister Willie Nelson [Teapot]
Deputy National Council on Disability Minister Michael King [Roseannearchist]

Deputy General Services Administration Minister Joshua-Paul Angell [Communist]
Deputy Speaker Minister Johnny Argent [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Federal Reserve System Minister Magdalena Zurawski [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Social Security Administration (SSA) Minister Adam Cavalli [Roseannearchist]
Deputy States Rights Minister Rene Jean [Free Parliamentary]
Deputy Labor Minister Joan Briscoe [Independent]
Deputy Transportation Minister Nathan Johnson [American Independent]
Deputy Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Elizabeth Brossa [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Human Rights Minister Debs Keeler [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Constitutional Law Minister Mosheh Thezion [All]
Deputy Energy Minister Carey Campbell [Green]
Deputy Veterans Affairs Minister Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian]
Deputy Vote Counting Minister Rich Stevenson [Green]
Deputy Attorney General Minister Carl Person [Libertarian]
Deputy Platform Minister J.R. Myers [Constitution]

Deputy BATF Minister Jeannette O'Neal [Non-partisan]
Deputy Internal Affairs of the Senate Minister Colleen Camp Goldwyn [Info. Not Avail.]
Deputy CIA Minister Tippy Canoe [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Intelligence and Security Minister Zachary Scott Gordon [Free Parliamentary]
Deputy Supreme Electoral Council Minister Casey Peters [Independent]
Deputy Education Minister Daniel David Gentry [Catholic Trotskyist]
Deputy AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Minister Seth Wetmore [Green Chaos]
Deputy Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Minister Tina Cook [Independent]
Deputy Homeland Security Minister Larry Sckwarczynski [Green]
Deputy Native American Affairs Minister Lisa Sahani [Roseannearchist]
Deputy Secretary of State Josh Ondich [Independent-Democrat]
Deputy Commerce Minister
Deputy Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Minister
Deputy Farm Credit Administration Minister
Deputy Families, Housing, Community and Indigenous People Minister
* * *

Updated on 10/7/2020

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