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South Super-state Parliament Circuit #6

Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee

Tennessee (Population est. in 2017 - 6.715M)
Missouri (Population est. in 2017 - 6.114M)
Alabama (Population est. in 2017 - 4.874M)
Louisiana (Population est. in 2017 - 4.684M)
Kentucky (Population est. in 2017 - 4.454M)
Arkansas (Population est. in 2017 - 3.004M)
Mississippi (Population est. in 2017 - 2.984M)

Parties With One Seat - 15

Vanessa Morley [Defender of the Republic], CR Carter [Libertarian/Republican], George Morrison [Freedom], C.L.Gammon [Liberty First], Wendy [Unsure], Parker G. Ward [Constitution], Rene Jean [Free Parliamentary], Jack Clayton [What's A Matter U?], Anilise Stewart [I Follow Who I Believe In], Jim Spahr [Comedy Central], Celisa Godwin [Green], Tanya Green [Socialism], Suzanne Gallaway [none in particular], Herne Webber [Anarchic Green Socialist], Sam Hopkins [libertarian]

Pot Party - 6

William Lee Mayers, Thorn, Steven C. Dobbs, Robert Davenport, Lucy Star, James

Green Tea Party - 5

Lisa Landis, Gretchen, Janet Gatliff, John Descoteaux, Cleta Kitts

Independent - 3

Kirk Joseph [Independent], Josh Sasser [Independent], David Bell [Independent]

Info. Not Avail. - 3

Millich Person, Jacqueline M. Coble, Alexander S. Wilkening

Communist Party - 2

Candy Sue Bellins, Krissy Woods

Republican Party - 2

Shurendly Maduro, Paul Hatch

Democratic Party - 2

Mayeye, Dorothy Collins

Updated on 7/17/2014
Total 38 MSPs