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SouthWest Super-state Circuit #10

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Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Utah

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• MSPs' Votes for Executives

• Executives' Votes for Cabinet

• Guidelines for ss10

• Unity Platform

Parties With One Seat - 19

Julian Waters [Cool Moose], Anita Goodman [Pansexual Freedom], Daniel Bartels [Bicycle], Jeff Verhey [Marijuana], Amy Hanson [Rocker], Raymond Rael [Hemp], The Reverend Q [What's Happening Now], Samael Clemens [Atheist], Chad Lozano [fight the power], Braxton Forbes [bipartisan], J. L. Mealer [Constitution], Douglas S. Van Raam [Free Soil], Cole Gintak [Communist], Larry Duggett [Morman Takeover], John Spencer [Liberty], Dr. Zakk Flash [COBRA], Charlie Strong [Boarder], Aidan King [Mutualism and Cooperation], Royce Johnson [government official 111coe]

Info. Not Avail. - 10

Richard Haley [Info. Not Avail.], Tom Kness [Info. Not Avail.], Alex Kimber [info. not avail.], Nick Ward [info. not avail.], Nicholas Hazlett [info. not avail.], Jay White [info. not avail.], Troy Williams [Info. Not Avail.], Catherine Vickers [Info. Not Avail.], Amy McAlpine [Info. Not Avail.], MaLise Gonzales [Info. Not Avail.]

Pot Party - 7

Ralph Bell [Pot], Hannah Dixon [Pot], Shay Kastner [Pot], Evan Colletti [Pot], Erika Wells [Pot], Tokenwhiteguy [Pot], Randy Jork [Pot]

Independent - 5

Josiah Biggs [Independent], Phil DeBlanc [Independent], Marc Black [Independent], Lydia Kelemen [Independent], Dea Riley [Independent]

Democratic Party - 5

Vincent Hamm, Heather Reprise [Blogojevich Democracy], Paul Freeman [Blogojevich Democrat], Gov Rod Blagojevich [Democrat], Alexander Johnson

Libertarian Party - 4

Tony Dunsworth [Libertarian], Jonathan Jace Burgess [Libertarian], Ryan O'Doud [Libertarian], Jesse Haffran [Libertarian Socialist]

Green Tea Party -4

Diana L. Anderson [Green Tea], Phoebe Berry [Green Tea], Robert Rogers [Green Tea], Sara Jean Baker [Green Tea]

Info. Not Avail. - 4

Kristina Kearns [Info. Not Avail.], Sherry Golden [Info. Not Avail.], Nina Blackburn [Info. Not Avail.], Chistopher Nicks [Info. Not Avail.]

Green Party - 2

Earl Bagwell [Green], Gary Swing [Green]

Republican/Conservative Party - 2

Dan Kennedy [Republican/Conservative], Brenda Wickens [Republican]
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Updated on 1/30/2021
62 MSPs
MSP=member of super-state parliament

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Arizona Maricopa Mini-state (ss10-1)
Arizona Pima Mini-state (ss10-2)
Arizona Pinal Mini-state (ss10-3)
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Colorado Mini-state (ss10-5)
Colorado Mini-state (ss10-6)
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Oklahoma Mini-state (ss10-8)
Utah Mini-state (ss10-9)
Kansas Mini-state (ss10-10)
New Mexico Mini-state (ss10-11)
Nebraska Mini-state (ss10-12)
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Phoenix City Micro-state (ss10-1-1)

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Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College (#e-aps-13)
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Unity Platform Election (#e-aps-6)
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United Coalition USA Executives
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Statement of Principles (SoP)
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History of Candidates
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