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United Coalition USA 2024
CEO Buck Rogers [Conservative] - Think-Tank
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Eight Super-states in Eight Months (ss1 to ss8)
January 1st 2024 to August 31st 2024
By All Party System Co., International Board (APR-IB)
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Draft For US President 2024

Rhode Islander Tony Jones [Reform]
Taylor Swift [Democratic]
Kim Ruff [Libertarian]
Chase Oliver [Libertarian]
Nikki Haley [Republican]

Draft For US Vice President 2024

Karina Apple Feng [Indedependent]
Anna Koskinaris [Indedependent]
Heather Horst [Democratic]

Draft For Third String Back-up 2024

Jim Doyle [Republican]
James Ogle [One]
Charles Schaefer [Democratic]
John F. Kennedy [Independent]
Larry Elder [Republican]
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Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College 2024
PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION 2024-1-4 to 2024-1-6

Complaints Filed by James Ogle to Federal Elections Commission and Libertarian National Committee (LNC)

2021 Complaint Libertarian-Environmentalist-Green-One-Tea vs FEC and Google Inc.
https://allpartysystem.com/FEC-Libertarian- Environmentalist-Green-One-Tea.php

*1996 FEC Filings for US President
FEC Form 2, http://www.allpartysystem.com/FEC-2-7-1996-(4).pdf

2020 Appeal to Libertarian National Committee (LNC)
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A Few of the Best Videos from James Ogle-hosted Zoom Shows

One/Black Panther for Prez and VP 2020 (7-minute Video)

James Ogle and the 1Ogle Voting System (11-minute Video)

1995 to 2012 "How Google Got Its Name" (5-minute Video)
Original HD Video 1995 "USA Parliament James Ogle" (15-minute Video)

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Study (24-second Video)
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James Ogle's eight steps for balancing the USA and California State budgets (1Ogle Method)

1. All Congressmen specify their proposed national total budget for the year.
2. All the submissions from the first step above are averaged to reach a total averaged sum of all Congressmens' proposed totals.
3. All Congressmen determine a suggested total for each and every one of their own personal proposed budget items.
4. All Congressmen to have an equal free speech period, where all Congressmen personally make a case for their items.
5. After the free speech period, all Congressmen rank all the choices on one ballot, a ballot which includes all proposals.
6. All proposals which receive 50% (plus one vote) on each item in previous step are to be considered approved by simple majority.
7. Ties between approved items which are similar in nature are broken when higher ranking totals cancel similarly worded item(s) with lower ranking totals.
8. All items approved are then calibrated up or down simultaneously until the national total budget averaged sum in step 2 is reached.
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History of James Ogle's Political Career

1983 to 1985 - The United Coalition was running candidates for city and county offices in Monterey California as Environmentalist Party.

James O. Ogle Joined Environmentalist Party which was started in 1983 by Misha Bogatirev [Environmentalist]. In 1986 when Clint Eastwood read about the Environmentalist Party's work in Carmel, Clint ran for mayor, after being inspired by the ink that the Environmentalist Party was bringing in local rags.

1988 - James Ogle was an Environmentalist Party candidate for Carmel, California City Council.

1992 - United Coalition 1992, the "Ad Hoc Coalition", four names vied as a team for Santa Cruz City Council of Santa Cruz, California. They were Linda Lemaster [Democratic], Abdula Hussain [Peace and Freedom], Kevin Clark [Green] and James Ogle [One]. The Santa Cruz campaign was first promoted in Usenet 1992 by bicyclist Cameron Kashani.

1993 - James Ogle's third campaign for public office was for US Congress, CA CD #17 where he was on ballot categorized as "independent", vying for a special election of CACD17 in 1993 when Congressman Panetta resigned to be Clinton’s Chief of Staff in 1993. There were 23 candidates. After the primary, about seven made it to the runoff, a D, R, Green, Libertarian, American Independent and two independents of which my name James Ogle was one. Ogle was an Environmentalist Party candidate categorized as independent.

1994 - James Ogle switched to Green Party to run for California Governor. Perceived as an outsider, Ogle was running for CA Gov to bring proportional representation into the conversation. The Green Party had already decided on NOTA so Ogle was labeled “fraud” and harassed for years in Usenet by Cameron Spitzer the California Green Party Internet Coordinators.

James Ogle's first post in Usenet
An early post
By joogle@cruzio.com
See copy of text: https://usparliament.org/case4pr.php

James Ogle's fourth campaign for public office was for California Governor in 1994 and he was defeated in this California primary by NOTA.
The conversation was still going on with the following essay post:

1995 - James Ogle in Videos with Pot Party Founder Marcus Denoon [Pot] in 1995 (not 1993 as video states): https://youtu.be/83oRMXan9QE Ogle ran an online election using pure proportional representation and candidate Harry Browne [Libertarian] came in at #1 of 125 Presidential candidates and Colin Powell [Independent] got #2 (VP). The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) actually nominated Browne/Jorgensen [Libertarian/Libertarian] later in 1996.

Browne/Powell [Libertarian/Independent] were nominated in 1995 by this first pure proportional representation (PPR) Electoral College in 1995 to 2020.
Harry Browne [Libertarian] The Libertarian Won on April 1st 1995!
Click link below to see an original post in alt.politics.republican, one post by Ogle that Google founder Sergie Brin missed and didn't delete.
Click HERE to see an original post from 3/22/1995 in alt.politics.usa.republican
One post by Ogle that Google founder Sergie Brin missed and didn't delete.
https://groups.google.com/g/alt.politics.usa.republican/c/7gLSeKzIXH8/m/unmJ08myobgJ (Note, you may have to sign in to Google Groups to see)

By April 1st 1995, Honorable Harry Browne [Libertarian] was ranked #1 (President) and Colin Powell [Independent] was ranked #2 (Vice President), with 123 consecutively ranked names as back-up Electors.

1996 - Honorable Marcus Denoon [Pot] (RIP) resigned as nominee for POTUS, and as filer with States and 1st back-up, James Ogle filed as nominee for US President with Federal Elections Commission (FEC). http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1996/candidates/list3.shtml
1996 FEC Filings for US President
FEC Form 2, http://www.allpartysystem.com/FEC-2-7-1996-(4).pdf

1997 - In October of 1997 Ogle's logo won Google's contest. The search engine google derived their name from Ogle's initials joogle after he Sergey Brin, joined Ogle's conversation in Usenet.

Google founder asked about James Ogle's email address "What is a joogle?", and then announced the registration of google.com one week later in the Usenet group alt.politics.elections. Next, Google company changed the name of Dejaview News to "Google Groups" and the conversation was deleted along with extensive deletions of the announcements of winners and voting data from the posts in 1996.

This happened right before the ten-year transition from government-owned to privatization of the internet began.

How Google Got Its Name

Ogle was correct, the math of the Hagenbach-Bishoff Method brings a unity phenomena, and the Green Party and others went on to adopt the wrong math. Approval voting, "click the search", "click the ad", "click the like", and ranked choice voting in single-winner election districts are all versions of the one-party system, that the Google and Facebook methods both use the one-party voting system (not "click the 1").

2012 - Read About 2012 When The California Libertarian Won the Missouri Primary With 52.8%!

Independent Political Report

The Missourian Newspaper
Click here for version of Missourian which doesn't require poll prior to reading article

2019 - Libertarian Party City of Los Angeles
We will be bringing the 16-party system (15-seats=16-party) under pure proportional representation (PPR) to the proposed Los Angeles City Micro-state currently being hosted by Los Angeles County L.P.'s "Region 62".
To start, you may join this West Los Angeles Libertarian Club Facebook page, then you can see if you are interested:

2020 - Independent One 2020

Men united to vote for our opposite gender #1 and consecutively ranked alternating genders thereafter with voluntary opt in. Teamwork and collaboration so to elect first woman for US President and/or Vice President ever, one or both of whom might be a Libertarian, should a minimum of 33.33% (plus one vote) of the Electors of the new pure proportional representation (PPR) Elector College collaborate with the plan.

Elect the First Woman for US President in 2020

Heather Horst [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) Nebraska
Demetra Jefferson Wysinger [Wxyz New Day] (US Presidential candidate) askwy2020@gmail.com Texas
Kim Ruff [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) Arizona
Jo Jorgensen [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) South Carolina
Souraya Faas [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) Florida
Lorraine Lynch [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) Texas
Dakinya Jefferson [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) Texas
Demondria Jefferson [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) Texas
Sorinne F. Ardeleanu [Independent] (US Presidential candidate) (CA) sorinne4potus@sorinne2020.com
Geby Eva Espinosa [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) California

Please donate by Paypal or Check for Ogle for President or Vice President and LNC Secretary:
PayPal: http://www.paypal.me/joogle2020
Please make check payable to James Ogle, 1213 C Forect Avenue, Pacific Grove, California 93950
(831) 747-1242, jamesoogle@gmail.com

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2024 - James Ogle [One]
Candidate for US Vice President in 2024 and I agree with the content.
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Updates 2024-1-4
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