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USA Parliament How Google Got Its Name From the USA Parliament

How Google Got Its Name From the USA Parliament
See Video Joogle; "How Google Got Its Name"

By James O. Ogle (Joogle)

As far as we can tell, the people at Google have deleted the original
history of when they began in October of 1997 and then they later bought DejaNews,
obliterated the original posting perimeters and re-named it Google Groups
after Sergie Brin joined our conversation of proportionalists,
asked; "what is a joogle?", and then he collaborated with the pluralist divider/bullies.

Click below which was a post in Usenet on 6/12/1994 which was made before Google Inc. bought this Usenet site and changed the name from Usenet to Google Groups (Google Inc. was founded in October of 1997):
https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!searchin/alt.politics.reform/james$20ogle|sort:relevance/alt.politics.reform/P1LliQ2oeTA/_PLiYuOq3DcJ">Early Post in Usenet

Here is a web page (under construction) created from the conversation which began 6/12/1994:
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The founder of Google Inc., Sergey Brin, was a student at Stanford University in 1997 and he had designed a search engine program which he had named "Backrub.com".

Sergey Brin was trying to sell his program so he could become successful but he was having trouble. He was unsure how to succeed.

Using his search engine he discovered the virtual USA Parliament's ball of activity of three years in Usenet that James Orlando Ogle had started.

James Ogle started the USA Parliament in 1995 after he ran for Governor of California as a member of the Green Party in 1994.

James Ogle's platform was promotion of of state voting reform through pure proportional representation (PR). He had started the very active conversation about the USA Parliament which was initially a unity between the Green and Environmentalist Parties and which evolved into 125 candidates for president from 25 different political parties and independents by 1995.

The USA Parliament was in its third year when the name change by Sergey Brin from Backrub.com to Google.com took place in October of 1997.

Because of that moment in time, since the idea was triggered by Ogle's logo joogle, Brin was able to adopt the word, since the site googol.com had already been reserved by another person at that time, and before in October 1997 when google.com was registered.

James Ogle is an artist. Artists were unique in Usenet which was like a worldwide email and chat room where computer programmers could chat by texting messages. Each "newsgroup" was named for the particular subject in the chat. One newsgroup where James Ogle would post was named alt.politics.elections.

James Ogle was living in Monterey in 1997 when Sergey Brin and Larry Paige were at Stanford when this story takes place.

Monterey California is a short 2 hour drive south of Palo Alto California where Stanford University is located.

James Ogle was a Director at the Monterey California's "Art & Jazz Studios Over the Row" where poetry, art and jazz were featured.

James Ogle also published an online magazine called "The Parliamentarian".

The non-profit art and jazz business had a multicolored logo which James Ogle made from a light box with different colored theater gels behind each letter. The sign hung in the window of the jazz studios overlooking Cannery Row, Monterey California.

It was October 1997 when Sergey Brin was surfing the internet looking for activity. He picked up the activity in Usenet about the virtual USA Parliament.

Back then if someone posted a message in Usenet and no one responded, then that message was considered boring. So since James Ogle's comment thread had been going for three years by that time (June 12, 1994 to present), that was considered a phenomena.

Sergey Brin was looking for the "juice".

That juice was an ongoing three-year conversation about pure proportional representation, a ball of activity which could not, and still cannot, be stopped.

Sergey Brin joined the conversation and typed the question;

"What is a joogle?"

(James Ogle's email address was derived from his personal artistic logo, his initials joogle@cruzio.com, so Brin was asking about James Ogle's email address.)

A reply by a friend was;

"I don't know what a joogle is but a google is a number".

A week later in October of 1997 Sergey Brin returned to the same conversation thread and posted an announcement that he had named his search engine program "google.com".

He had misspelled the number googol.

He invited everyone to come try it out.

Everyone responded with comments about how they tried it and liked it.

Google Inc. started writing advertising sales to compliment the search engine program.

At that time Prime Minister Igor Chodov [Libertarian], a Russian computer scientist, and Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] were helping Sergey Brin with his project.

A few weeks after Sergey Brin had registered the name google.com to start the new search engine site, he directed all search traffic about proportional representation away from the www.USParliament.org site because one of the USA Parliament's political opponents, Cameron Spitzer owner of www.greens.org, had emailed him a request to do that to which he happily complied.

Cameron Spitzer posted a message in the Usenet newsgroup saying that he asked Brin to direct search engine traffic away from the USParliament.org site shortly after the domain google.com was registered in October of 1997.

Here is an early post that James Ogle made in Usenet about pure proportional representation in 1994 shortly after his run for Governor of California when he was on the ballot to promote state voting reform through pure proportional representation:

Click below which was a post in Usenet before Google Inc. bought Usenet and changed name to Google Groups:

Notice the email addresses joogle@cruzio.com and joogle@netcom.com.

Google Inc. later bought the usenet entity named DejaNews (in 1999?) and their programmers have deleted many parts of the original conversations. Notice how the complete spelling of joogle has been altered by Google Groups programmers so that it's very difficult to read.

There are plenty of people who are still around who can confirm these facts.

The man whose personal logo inspired the naming of a multi-billion dollar gateway had filed to run for President in 1996: http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1996/candidates/list3.shtml

The domain google.com was registered in October 1997.

James Ogle is yet again running for President in 2016 and his campaign slogan logo is "Go Ogle/Your name 2016": http://usparliament.org/google2016.php
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