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United Coalition of Nineteen (19) Candidates for Elective Office in 2016
And the Unity Platform

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Updated on 11/4/2015
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James Ogle [Republican] for USA President - California

Scot Olewine [Republican- Green Energy] for USA President - Puerto Rico

Keenan Dunham [Libertarian] for USA President - South Carolina

Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State] for USA President - California

Andy Caffrey [Democratic] for USA President - California

Roger Nichols [Unity] for USA President - Missouri

Rhett Smith [Libertarian] for USA President - Texas

Ralph Beach [Independent] for USA President - South Carolina

James Le Sage [Humanitarian] for USA President - California

Ernest Wells [Communist] for USA President - Tennessee

Jonah Bolt [One] for USA President - North Carolina

Edlira Zeka [Democratic] for USA Senate - California

Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic] for President - Kentucky

Tony Jones [Republican] for USA President - Rhode Island

Tina Cook [Independent] for USA President - North Carolina

Verone Auzenne Thomas [Whig] for USA President - Louisiana

LeVonne Stone [Democratic] for USA President - California

Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian] for USA Senate - California

Mark Herd [Libertarian] for USA Senate - California
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