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PDC=presidential debate committee
POTUS=president of the united states

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PDC = Presidential Debate Committee
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The United Coalition's 48 Candidates for President of the United States (POTUS)
(POTUS Names in the Order of the Candidates' Own Rankings Based on Votes Cast as Proof)
Updated on 1/24/2015

James Ogle [Republican] for President

Ron Paul [Republican] for President

Keenan Dunham [Libertarian] for President

Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State] for President

Rhett Smith [First Freedom] for President

Ralph Beach [Libertarian] for President

Gary Johnson [Libertarian] for President

David Frey [Socialist] for President

Ernest Wells [Communist] for President

Misha Bogatirev [Environmentalist] for President

Danny (Dan) Woodring [Independent] for President

Scot Olewine [Republican- Green Energy] for President

Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic] for President

Elizabeth Warren [Democratic] for President

Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] for President

Gina Zenzola [Green] for President

Mike Levinson [Republican / Independent] for President

Ajai Dittmar [Independent] for President

Kip Lee [Ashtar Command] for President

Dorothy Durio Collins [Democratic] for President

Jesse Ventura (Independent) for President

Roger Nichols [Unity] for President

James Lesage [Humanitarian] for President

Rand Paul [Republican] for President

R. Lee Wrights [Libertarian] for President

Andy Caffrey [Democratic] for President

Edward Snowden [Humanitarian] for President

Ralph Hoffman [Unity] for President

Max Abramson [Libertarian] for President

Mary Okorn-Jimenez [Free Energy] for President

Tina Cook [Independent] for President

Jim Duensing [Boston Tea] for President

Stewart Alexander [Peace & Freedom] for President

Carl Person [Libertarian] for President

Sam Sloan [Libertarian] for President

Robby Wells [Patriot Nation] for President

David L Wetzell [LT Party Movement] for President

Parker Louis Seely [Conservative libertarian Independent] for President

Alex Jones [Libertarian] for President

Don J. Grundmann [Constitution] for President

Ole Savior [New Republican] for President

Dave Parker [Free Energy] for President

J.R. Myers [Constituion] for President

Fred Donald Dickson Jr. [New Democrat] for President

JL Mealer [Constitution] for President

Paul Tape [Independent] for President

John Stossel [Libertarian] for President

Tony Jones [Libertarian] for President

The PDC's Elected Debate Rules

The Moderator names the candidate to speak.

Each Candidate gets ONE minute to introduce themselves.

The Moderator asks a question and names the candidate
to answer and the same question is asked of each candidate.

The Candidate gets approximately 30 seconds to answer and
at the 30 second mark the moderator shall say the word: time.

Rotation of Candidates with questions: Opening statement
candidate A gives their opening followed by candidate B,
candidate C and candidate D. The next question is first
answered by candidate B, candidate C, candidate D and then
candidate A. The next question is asked of candidate C,
candidate D, candidate A and lastly candidate B. The next
question first asked of candidate D, candidate A, candidate B
and then lastly candidate C.
Then back to the beginning and so forth.

If a speaker is finished before his or her time is up,
he or she should end by saying thank you.

Those not elected as our president and vice president unity
ticket will be first in line for the full support for their campaigns
for whatever federal office they choose to run in their state.

If the unity ticket is excluded from uniting after the
various party's conventions, then an alternative plan of action
will be as follows; those that would like to continue the unity
ticket will do so through a write-in campaign.

The unity coalition agrees that we need to elect a president
and vice president from the elected members/presidential candidates
of the presidential debate committee.

Our goal is to elect a unity ticket from amongst the presidential
candidates elected to the presidential debate committee.

Candidates must be respectful towards each other.

That all press announcement and debates/discussions should
be broadcast through the All Party System Co. network.

The unity team uses our own media (i.e.APS Co.) to promote
the debates/discussions

Should a national convention of any ballot-qualified political parties
select a ticket that is not the same ticket as the one elected by the PDC,
then alternative ballot access plan should be pursued since the legitimate team
elected by the unity coalition was broken up. However if considerable
compensation is made to the US Parliament, the PDC and All Party System
Co., then a vote might be held by the elected team of POTUS and Vice-POTUS
candidates for an alternative plan.
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The Presidential Debate Committee (PDC) Records from 2012