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___ Write in new ideas _____________________________________
___ Write in new ideas _____________________________________
___ Write in new ideas _____________________________________
___ The USA Parliament's "MP" representatives shall be made up of 53% female - based on the actual percent of female make-up in the USA. Therefore, all women who receive votes will be guaranteed to be elected until the correct percent match is achieved.
___ Try to hold national convention on July 4th, 2013 in Monterey, CA
___ Legislate a "feed-in tariff" which would require the local utility company to pay home owners with solar panels, 54 cents per kWh (kilo-watt hour) for twenty years.
___ Organize action dates. Organized action dates to be voted upon July 4th. This is to coordinate voting as well as focus recruitment and have a visible effect in the community. July 4th being the primary action date. Elected officials show what actions they have taken upon the dates that voting takes place. Effective proofs of action; photos, e-mails, prior voting records, new staff and or elected officials, physical positive changes to the community ex. new parks or meeting places to vote. This is a primary meeting, gathering, coordinated date.
___ Action dates. Action dates are none voting dates and are effect based actions. These dates are gatherings for physical positive actions inside the community. Positive actions are result based. The result should benefit the general community as well as the organization. Action dates are good for examples such as, registering new voters, beach clean ups, planting food crops and support species, recycling, training/teaching, feeding others etc. Decide what is positive and take action.
___ Asset / liability organization dates. These gatherings are to find/grow what assets are available, as well as to locate liabilities to minimize. The goal is to increase the asset base of the organization while lowering any liability that is having a negative effect upon the organization or its members. These dates should occur yearly to as often as is needed to maintain the viability of the organization.
___ All full ministers may submit names for full ministers in all subsidiary super-state, mini-state and county micro-state parliaments for the consideration of being elected by an executive(s) in each subsidiary parliament. In cases where no executives have been elected, a minister who will serve as a contact for that particular region will be appointed by a national executive(s).
___ Membership shall have 2 forms, listed as a) and b).
___ Anyone can be a member with a basic vote under any name they choose and with their
choice of party affliliation. But must provide valid contact information for their vote to be
counted, and anyone who uses double identities to vote twice will be banned as criminal, and
their votes considered void.
___ MPs, and or members of the executive committee, if elected must provide true names to
associate with potential nick names (allowed) and working contact information in order to be
elected to any leadership position.
___ Elected Mps may be required to fulfill basic job descriptions as they are able, and
long term failures may be considered cause for dissmisal from any position by a vote of no
confidence by the executuive committee or a full vote of the Parliament, however dismissed
MPs may petition the entire body of the Parliament to be re-instated.
___ Require compulsory voting in all elections.
___ Try to hold Nor CA Mini-state (ss11-1) convention on July 4th, 2013 in Chico, CA
___ Try to recruit candidates who will "stand and stand down".
___ a) for state elections
___ b) for prez/vp
___ c) for US Senate
___ Ask candidates for elected office to rank all their own candidates for
elected offices in California's 2014 state-wide election (i.e.
(Gov, Lt. Gov, Sec of State, US Senate, Controller, Insurance
Commish, Treasurer and Attorney General), as well as those of
the other executives' Party's candidates, and any other independent
or independent partisan names.
___ Create questionnaire for online polling of potential candidates
for their positions on the issues.
___ Try to start on these things by ____ in 20__.
___ We can search the web for well stated arguments and ask
the authors if we can send their opinions out as PR for the
shadow govt?
* * *

MP, please type your name:
___ Yes, please appoint my name as a member of
parliament, the highest position available.

Name________________(write in)
Party/Category________________(write in)
State______ County____________ (write in)
Alternative contact information ___________________(write in)

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