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 Post subject: Day to Day Updates 5/19/2012
PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 8:17 pm 
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To: Prime Minister Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State]
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Cc: All Voters and Non Voters
From: Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
Subject: Day to Day Updates 5/19/2012
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1. Princess Tiffany Elected on 5/19/2012
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 Post subject: Re: Day to Day Updates 5/9/2012
PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 4:47 am 
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Greetings everyone!

After watching the Green Party's Barr/Stein debate last night,
having exchanges in the chat room that came with the live
streamed account with friends and candidates across the US,
I am truly inspired.

Our team is still here, but we're too slow, too small and
we're being decimated.

Rule #33 in particular needs to be improved, (see item #1 below).
That way we'll be able to start electing new full Cabinet
Ministers quicker and easier.

Let's just say, that it's a lot more fun to approve decisions
through ranked choice voting than it is to make decisions without
any cooperation from others at all. Cooperation vs confrontation.
* * *

To follow, see the current set of elected MPs who have approved
the set up rules of whose names are located on this page which
is linked on the parliament's index page front and center/left;

It appears that the current ruling coalition stands at six MPs;
Approved rules36, (#1-36) with six #1 tics. (6)

So now I am going to write the improved set of rules, post them,
and then start calling the ruling coalition members to push the
new rules through with a majority to overrule the current six MPs.

The rule that needs to be upgraded is rule #33;

The problem with rule #33 is that there is no limit to national
Deputy Cabinet Ministers and so now we've grown to 194 national
Deputy Cabinet Ministers. This is a problem because
in order to elect new ministers, the web designer (yours truly)
must copy and paste 254 consecutive times in order to update the
Cabinet web page which is also linked to the main index page, front and

The process for electing a new ruling coalition will take
a few days, so meanwhile, everyone please look at the
"vote here" tab and vote for names in the parliament now.

This is a time to grow with write-ins of new names,
and your marked eballot will help grow our numbers
with write-in names.

I hope everyone is enjoying and understanding how
the 8th USA Parliament works.

Please feel free to call, email me, or the entire email
list. We are eager to go forward and improve at
the 8th USA Parliament.

Very Truly Yours,
--James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
Volunteer Vote Counter, Secretary
(415) 686-1996

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