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The First Los Angeles County Mini-state (11-9)

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President Jeff Drobman [Democratic]
Vice President Mark Herd [Libertarian]
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Vice Chair:
Deputy Vice Chair:
Vice Secretary:
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• Directors' Votes for Executives

• Executives' Votes for Cabinet

Guidelines for ss11-9-1

• Unity Platform

94 Members of Mini-State

Info. Not Avail. - 65

Greg Cipes [Info. Not Avail.], Colin Cromwell [Info. Not Avail.], Martin Covax [Info. Not Avail.], Rick Pinkert [Info. Not Avail.], Lance Charles [Info. Not Avail.], Les Hamasaki [Info. Not Avail.], Alorah Inanna [Info. Not Avail.], Sarina Daly Goode [Info. Not Avail.], Murry Codman [Info. Not Avail.], Susan Sarno [Info. Not Avail.], Barbara Marx Hubbard [Info. Not Avail.], Debra Malzado [Info. Not Avail.], David Clark [Info. Not Avail.], Robert Ward [Info. Not Avail.], Brian Tusan [Info. Not Avail.], David Baron [Info. Not Avail.], Richard Medvitz [Info. Not Avail.], David Smith [Info. Not Avail.], Mark Rolands [Info. Not Avail.], Logan Holowell [Info. Not Avail.], Fred Nicholas [Info. Not Avail.], Amie Grenier [Info. Not Avail.], Duke Helenger [Info. Not Avail.], Ed Lantz [Info. Not Avail.], Eric Ahlberg [Info. Not Avail.], Gregory Wright [Info. Not Avail.], Rik Henderson [Info. Not Avail.], Kate Macallum [Info. Not Avail.], Peter Meisen [Info. Not Avail.], Paul Cary [Info. Not Avail.], Paul Sangster [Info. Not Avail.], Marc Rosenthal [Info. Not Avail.], Richard Medvitz [Info. Not Avail.], Tyrone Troupe [Info. Not Avail.], Ted Mizrahi [Info. Not Avail.], Bobby Israel [Info. Not Avail.], Gunner Lovelace [Info. Not Avail.], Dan Mapes [Info. Not Avail.], Abraham Taltre [Info. Not Avail.], Dina Bandu [Info. Not Avail.], Amir Magal [Info. Not Avail.], Barry Sopinsky [Info. Not Avail.], Ronald Bookbinder [Info. Not Avail.], Lainie Bookbinder [Info. Not Avail.], Duke Hillinger [Info. Not Avail.], Jay Ammon [Info. Not Avail.], Mathew Wachter [Info. Not Avail.], Serge Khoshnev [Info. Not Avail.], Otto Martin [Info. Not Avail.], Bart Kresa [Info. Not Avail.], Timothy Kitz [Info. Not Avail.], Ranjit Siva [Info. Not Avail.], Vince Dundee [Info. Not Avail.], Scott Dundee [Info. Not Avail.], John Chuck [Info. Not Avail.], Zarathusta [Info. Not Avail.], Evan Perman [Info. Not Avail.], John Romano [Info. Not Avail.], Jeff Joseph [Info. Not Avail.], Steven Yeaman [Info. Not Avail.], Stephen Fiske [Info. Not Avail.], Sarva [Info. Not Avail.], Tommy Dale [Info. Not Avail.], Ivan Dryer [Info. Not Avail.], Kyle Bracken [Info. Not Avail.]
* * *

Libertarian - 9

Mark Herd [Libertarian], Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian], Dave Price [Libertarian], Juan Alcala [Libertarian], Juan Lopez [Libertarian], Baron Bruno [Libertarian], Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian], Eric Freedner [Libertarian], Paul Hol man [Libertarian], paulholman@live.com, (CA)
* * *

Parties with One Seat - 9

Scott Vineberg [No Party Preference], Dawn Day Poe [Discordianism/Roseannearchist], John Hamm [Don Draper], Matt Weiner [Mad Men], Lady Gaga [Monster], Rev. M.A. Sotelo [Nihilist], Parker Car [Roseanne], Becky Donner [Socialist], Mosheh Thezion [All]
* * *

Independent - 4

Steve Stokes [Independent], Lawrence Gaughan [Independent Democrat], Stefan Lysenko [Independent Democrat], Casey Peters [Independent]
* * *

Democratic - 4

Jeff Drobman [Democratic], Rev. J.P. Moore [Democratic], Sara Fleetwood [Democratic], Autumn Burke [Democratic]
* * *

Republican - 3

Tracy Hodges [Republican], Dave Hester [Republican], Marco Antonio "Tony" Leal [Republican]
* * *

Updated on 12/12/2020
Total 94
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Meeting's Minutes
Meeting's Minutes (July 2nd 2019)
Meeting's Minutes (July 5th 2020)

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Meeting's Minutes
Meeting's Minutes (July 5th 2020)

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