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United Coalition Voters

For All United Coalition Earth Voters
First International Parliament Election 2022 (Paper Ballot #e-aps-16)

Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-16 (PDF)
Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-16
Nominations for Paper Ballot #e-aps-16
Totals for #e-aps-16

Unity Platform Earth (Paper Ballot #e-aps-17)
Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-17
Marked Blank Paper Ballots #e-aps-17

"Votes of Confidence" (Eballot #3, Perpetual)
Blank Eballot #3
Marked Eballot #3
Eballot #3 Totals

All Ten Executives' Agenda Items (Eballot #4, Perpetual)
Agenda Eballot #4
Proposed Eballot #4 Agenda Items
Marked Eballot #4 for Agenda
Eballot #4 Totals for Agenda
Agenda Items Eballot #4 Approved
Eballot #4-a Proposed Senator "Declaration" Agenda Items
Marked Eballots #4-a for Agenda

* * *

Official United Coalition USA Blank Paper Ballots 2020

PPR Electoral College Write-in #e-aps-13
Term 4/20/2020 to 4/21/2024
https://www.usparliament.org/e-aps-13.php Web Page
https://www.usparliament.org/e-aps-13.pdf PDF

Unity Platform USA #e-aps-6
1/1/2020 to 12/31/2020
http://www.usparliament.org/e-aps-6.php Web Page
http://www.usparliament.org/e-aps-6.pdf PDF

Statement of Principles and Platform #e-aps-21
http://www.usparliament.org/e-aps-21.php Web Page

United Coalition USA Executives #v-h-mps
http://usparliament.org/v-h-mps.php Web Page
* * *

California Super-state (ss11)

Blank Eballot e-aps-1
Marked Eballots e-aps-1-marked
Eballot Totalse-aps-1-totals

Members of California Super-state (MSPs) 2022
Electoral College Sign-up (California State Forms to be Here)
* * *

Los Angeles Mini-state (ss11-9)

Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-23
Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-23-party-list
Marked Paper Ballots e-aps-23-marked
Paper Ballots e-aps-23-totals

Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-22
Blank PDF of Paper Ballot e-aps-22.pdf
Marked Paper Ballots e-aps-22-marked
Totals e-aps-22-totals

* * *

Los Angeles Micro-state (ss11-9-1)

Los Angeles City Micro-state 2020 (Paper Ballot #e-aps-19)

Print out a PDF of the paper ballot from the following web page:

Watch for the web page to be updated after your paper ballot is received, validated and verified here:
* * *

USA Only: All elected members (MPs, MSPs and MMPs), Vote on "MP's Ballot".
USA Only: All elected members (MPs, MSPs and MMPs), Vote on "MP's Structure Eballot".
USA Parliament "MPs' Votes of Confidence" (#e-aps-2)
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Read the Four Easy Steps for Voting in USA Parliament Elections
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Questions? Contact our volunteers who are standing by and linked to the "contact us" tab.
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