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The US Parliament Vote Counting School

Join the Vote Counting School and Learn
the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, Hagenbach-Bischoff method
Vote Counting Ministry here.

WHO: James Ogle, instructor. You, the student. Plus all observers subscribed to the exploder email address vvc at allpartysystem dot org.

WHAT: All people interested in counting paper and eballots under the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, Hagenbach-Bischoff method.

WHEN: The USA Parliament's annual cycles peak on July 4th. The parliament's vote counting school will probably consist of weekly emails, although the curriculum is still in development. There will be informative web pages produced for vote counting under ranked choice voting (RCV) in multi-winner districts, votes of confidence, ranked choice consensus voting, ranked choice majority voting and the parliamentary go-ahead.

WHERE: Via email, telephone and/or in person - customized to fit your needs.

WHY: To help you learn about how the most mathematically advanced pure proportional representation (PR) voting system helps votes get counted correctly, verified and validated.

HOW: Simply Contact Us and a schedule for classes will be set up to fit your needs and availability.


Join the email exploder for volunteer vote counters by sending the message "subscribe" (or "unsubscribe" to disengage) to the email address vvc at allpartysystem dot org and your email address will be edited into the group manually by one of our two national secretaries.
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Current Goals of the USA Parliament's Vote Counting School Include:

--Graduates will be certified vote counters by the US Parliament.
--Classes which may eventually include both computer programs and programmers.
--Certification methods which may be approved by our Vote Counting Ministry for future parliament elections; both national and international.
--A curriculum which is being created for future students.
* * *

Classes and Curriculum:

Class One - Definitions and Perimeters for the Math.

Class Two - Electing 100 or 1000 Members of Parliament (MPs) Under Pure PR.

Class Three - The roles of Prime Ministers, Secretaries and Cabinet Ministries in the USA Parliament.

Class Four - How the average person can jump into the activity feet first.

Class Five - The psychology of teamwork and unity.
* * *

Got a question, suggestion, improvement, correction, comment, etc.? Email James at allparty at allpartysystem dot tv or call (415) 686-1996.

Coming soon; Telephone tree of vote counters nation-wide.
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Suggested Improvements for Paper Ballots & Vote Counting.
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