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___ RULES updated, July 11rd, 2013

___ Office Designations

___ Full Minister, Deputy Minister, five Executives, five Worker
Board of Directors (Worker BoDs) and five Donor Board of Directors
(Donor BoDs).

___ The officers of the Ministry shall consist five main categories
and made up of up to seventeen names with the exception of the names
who tied in elections which can increase the numbers on the BoD
until the ties are broken.


___ The full Minister and Deputy Minister are accountable to the
USA Parliament's five executives. They are considered as one of
the board of directors (BoDs) and hold one vote each among the
seventeen potential elected BoDs of the Ministry.


___ The first five Executives are invited to elect their own names
to the Ministry. The seats remain vacant until the first
temporary substitute is elected or self-elected.

___ The five Executives of each USA national Ministry
will oversee the vote counting, web page(s), penny credits,
finances and banking for all levels and districts (Ministries
in Super-states, mini-states, etc.) of that Ministry
within the USA Parliament unless these rules are improved
by the majority of the Directors within this Ministry's Directors.

___ When an Executive or BoD resigns or dies, the next highest ranked
name is automatically elected to be executive of the Ministry.


___ Elected Volunteer Executive Staff (Execs) shall always consist of five officers
and they are designated as follows:

Vice Superindendent
Ethis & Grievances Officer

___ If an opening on the five elected volunteer executive seats ever exists
and there are no ballots electing a name as a consecutively ranked back-up,
then new elections are called and more names are elected to the Executive
by the board of directors (BoDs).

___ Whenever a new Ministry or subsidiary is formed, the first five executive
officers may be self-nominated and self-elected.

___ Once three (or more) Executives are elected, the three executives
may then start electing

___ Superintendent:

___ The Superintendent sets the policy and tone for the Ministry.
The Superintendent of the Ministry must be a signer on all payment
agreements, penny credits, payables and receipts of stocks that
are sold or given as gifts and may be a co-signer with either
the Ministry trearurer, ethics & greivances officer or secretary.

___ The Superintendent, once elected by the board of Directors,
shall preside at all meetings of either the Directors.

___ Vice Superintendent:
The Vice Superintendent of the Ministry is the first in line to switch places with the
Superintendent when both officers agree and deem that it's needed.

___ During absence or disability of the Superintendent, the Vice-Superintendent in
the order designated by the Executives and/or Board of Directors, shall exercise all functions of
the Superintendent. Each Vice-Superintendent shall
have such powers and discharge such duties as may be
assigned to them from time to time by the Board of Directors.

___ Treasurer:
The Treasurer shall have the custody of all moneys and securities of the Ministry
and shall keep regular books on account. They shall disburse funds of the Ministry
in payment of the just demands against the Ministry or as may be ordered by the
Superintendent, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements, and shall render to the
Superintendent from time to time as may be required of him/her, an account of all
his/her transactions as Treasurer and of the financial conditions to his office
or that are properly required of him by the Executive Board.

___ Secretary:
The secretary may be a co-signer with the Superintendent
on all payment receipts for work done, shares sold or given as gifts.

___ Ethics & Grievances Officer:
The Ethics & Grievances Officer will chair a "Committee of Four" who
determine the official Ministry policy regarding share agreements with the Superintendent,
volunteer executive staff and board of directors and other questions of ethics.
The ethics & grievances officer will chair the "Committee of Four" who also resolve
potential Ministry disputes both internal and public at-large by simple majority voting.

___ "Committee of Four"

___ Once the Ethics & Grievances Officer is elected, the next four top-ranked
names in consecutive order will be invited to be automatically elected to the Ethics & Grievances
"Committee of Four". Other than those invited who decline, all elected names will
be invited in consecutive order from the list of names garnering votes for the
volunteer Superintendent staff until all four "Committee of Four" seats are filled.

___ In cases where none of the consecutively ranked names agree to be elected to
the "Committee of Four", then the four other elected executive staff will
be asked to serve in the following order; Superintendent, Vice Superintendent, Treasurer
and Secretary.

___ The Ethics & Grievances Officer serves as the tie-breaker vote on
decisions brought forward by any of the members of the Ethics & Grievances
"Committee of Four".


___ The five Worker Board of Directors (or BoDs) are elected in a free election.
Those eligible to vote include all US voters, volunteers, paid workers
or elected volunteers using ranked choice voting.


___ The Donor BoDs (AKA Investor BoDs) are elected with
penny credits, dollars and cents. The criteria for being
ranked on the Donor BoDs shall be first based on accetance
of the seat, secondly their ranking as one of the top holders
of penny credits, dollars and cents from the Ministry's or
the USA Parliament's reward bank.

___ ELECTING FIVE DONOR BOD NAMES: Under the Sainte-Lague voting system,
donors will be guaranteed to be able to elect one of the
five BoDs representing the donors in each Ministry, votes kept as proof.


___ The elected board of directors (BoDs) must complete the following minimum
requirements in order to remain on the BoD and these requirements must be
completed by the dates listed or their name may be removed from the board of
directors on the Parliament's web site.

___ A simple majority of the elected board of directors, which includes
Superintendent and volunteer executive staff, must complete
these requirements before the date listed below and so some BoDs
will be retained as long as their numbers remain below 50%, plus one
of the total number of BoDs including the Superintendents.

___ Elected BoDs must provide their mailing
address in order to be on the BoDs by the first day of the new year
following their acceptance of the position.

___ Elected BoDs must participate in the annual
teleconference call and/or sign the meeting's minutes
within the 60th day which follows the meeting or risk
being removed as BoD. This way, a majority of the
BoDs is guaranteed to approve the annual BoD meeting's

___ If due to resignation, death or as a result of being elected as
a volunteer elected Superintendent, when a simple majority of the board
of directors (BoDs) does not comply with all requirements for
qualifying as an elected BoD between the dates of July 4th
and Januaray 1st, then the lowest ranked Worker
BoD's name will be removed until a majority of BoDs does
comply with the requirements asked of all BoDs.

___ Elected BoDs must provide a photo and bio by the first day of the new year
following their acceptance of the position. The true name
of all Executives and BoDs must be used and proof of such may
be requested by the companies national executives if/when a
question arises as to the truth of the name.


___ The procedure for removing BoDs who do not meet the requirements
will be eliminated from the elected "Workers' BoDs" will continue
until a majority of the BoDs who remain have met these required
guidelines and the elimination of names continues between the dates
of July 4th and January 1st of each year.


___ ALL ELECTIONS: The following guidelines apply to all elections for the
USA Parliament's Ministries.

___ RANKED CHOICE VOTING: All voting on policy, names and decisions will be
made using ranked choice voting (RCV), Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution
system, Hagnebach-Bischoff method.

___ NOMINATED NAMES: Nominated names for the ballot electing the BoDs must
be only names who accept/agree to be nominated. When a person votes for their
own name, that is to be interpreted as accepting their name as a nominated name.

___ DORMANCY DURING ELECTIONS: The election of new BoDs and all BoD votes/decisions
must pause while conducting nominations and elections of five new executives
or five new BoDs, on the BoD which is conducting such elections.

___ TIES: When two people self-nominate or a tie-vote for two or more names for the
same office occurs, then both/all names share the position in the tie
until a tie-breaker election breaks the tie.

___ RULES: Only elected directors and ministers of the SBA Ministry may
vote on the ministry's internal rules.

___ SCHEDULE OF ELECTIONS: When the nominations of a BoD commences, an election schedule
may be announced by the approval of the majority of the elected executives and
the sceheduled timeline will usually consist of one week of nominations for BoDs,
one week of elections for BoDs, one week of nominations of executives
and finally one week of elections of executives.

___ JANUARY FIRST ELECTION CYCLES: On Januaray first, new names for executives
and BoDs may be nominated from those not ever ranked on the already marked
ballots from the previous year.

___ CURRENT NAMES ALWAYS QUALIFY: All elected names always qualify for next
election cycle.

___ NEW ELECTIONS: New elections for consecutively ranked names as back-ups as volunteer executive
staff members occur only when there are no lower ranked names to automatically elect.

___ ALL NEW ELECTIONS: All new elections should be scheduled within the following month of the
date of the departing member. The nominations should start on the 1st of the month, and
the election of executives must be held by the last full week of that
month (Sunday through Saturday). Final calls for nominations shall be conducted on the
preceeding week (Sunday through Saturday).

All U.S. residents, and citizens not currently residing in the USA,
may vote on Ministry elections.

___ NOMINEES FOR EXECUTIVES: Any name may be nominated for volunteer
executive staff by all Board of Directors, Worker and Donors, as
well as by the full and Deputy Minister.

___ ELECTION TIME FOR EXECUTIVES: Once a board of directors of five
for the ministry entity is elected, the first election of the five
executives may be called. Once the executives are elected, the
elections for future executives shall continue into perpetuity.

___ ORDER OF BODS: All top five BoD names will be elected in
consecutive order under the rules laid out for ranked choice
voting in a five-member district.

___ NEW NOMINATIONS OF BODS: Once five Board of Directors (BoDs)
are elected at the date of the annual board of directors meeting
on July 4th, no more new nominations of new BoDs will take place
even when there are no more back-ups until the beginning of the
following year on Januaray 1st.

___ ELECTIONS OF REPLACEMENT BODS: Only BoDs who have been ranked
on the ballots up until the July 4th annual BoD meeting can be
elected as an executive or BoD through the following year on January 1st.


___ Tic

___ A tic is a numeral, i.e. #1, #2, #3 etc. (or 1, 2, 3).

___ Tics are required in all cases in Ministry voting and any
character other than a numeral in voting on Ministry matters
is considered not a legitimate vote and is marked spoiled.

___ When more than one tic is used, the next tics must be
consecutive numbers and no number may be skipped or used more than
once or the entire marked ballot is marked "spoiled", or no good.

___ Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)

___ Ranked choice voting is a system based on algebra where the voter ranks
one or more choices beginning with the number one, followed by consecutive
numbers, where no same number can be used more than once or the ballot is
marked spoiled. The strict compliance to the consecutively ranked numbers
enables a perfect vote count by all vote counters.
The number one choice is the top preference of the voter,
represented by the numeral 1.

___ Term - Removal: The officers of the Ministry other than the executives shall hold office
until their successors are chosen and qualify.

___ Any officer or agent elected or appointed by the Executives and/or
Board of Directors may be removed at any time, without cause, simply by the affirmative vote of a
majority of the combined voting of both a majority of the Executives and majority of the
Board of Directors, and when a majority agreement is reached, such removal shall be without
prejudice to the contract rights, if any, of the person so removed. Only the combined officers
of the Executives and Board of Directors may remove an officer whom was not originally elected
or appointed by either initiator of the removal, the Executives or the Board of Directors,
who originally elected or appointed the officer being considered for removal.

___ Salaries: The salaries of the officers shall be fixed from time to time by the Executives
and/or the Board of Directors, and no officer shall be prevented from receiving such salary
by reason of the fact that he is also an executive or board of director of the Ministry.

___ Executives and Board of Directors Voting: All elected staff and decisions must be
elected under simple majority rule, ranked choice voting (RCV), Sainte-Lague parliament
seat distribution system, Hagenbach-Bishop method.


___ VOTING OF FOUR ITEMS: All voting consists of the subjects being voted on:
a) The election of names to be elected which will always use ranked choice voting (RCV).
b) The election of the bylaws which will always use ranked choice voting (RCV).
c) The election of items on the agenda which will always use ranked choice voting (RCV).
d) The election of resolutions which will always use ranked choice voting (RCV).



___ Newly elected BoDs will retain their seat until they
request to have their name removed, they decline or otherwise
withdraw they name entirely or ask to have their name and votes
specifically deleted from all records.

___ All new nominations to any board of directors and
executives must formerly accept the position on the ballot
before the date of the scheduled ballot release or else
their name will not be accepted as a name on the ballot.

___ When Donor BoDs become elected to the Worker BoDs,
they retain the dollar value of their donation/share value
which gets recorded on the date they are transferred in
the company books. If ever unelected from the Worker BoDs
in the future their name may be returned as holder of a seat
on the Donor BoDs with the correct finacial data.

___ Elections for Donor BoDs only consists of each donor
electing their own name until the Ministry
rules are written in such a way which defines more
detailed rules for electing the Donor BoDs.



___ Donors may vote in all Ministry elections as
well as all other elections of BoDs where their name holds a seat on all levels.
In the USA Parliament's Ministries, the Donor BoDs may hold seats in multiple
BoDs and Ministries.
Once the donor resigns from the Ministry, they will not be contacted
again and they may not vote on BoD's decisions and the election of the executives.
They must contact the central office to have their name re-instated to the BoD
as a donor when they wish to resume their duties and have their
name be returned to the BoDs and their name is ranked according to the
rewards earned as recorded in the rewards bank.


___ The national/district or sub-district Ministries elect the
five volunteer executive staff members as a five-member
at-large national/district or sub-district district.

___ The Election Schedule for Volunteer Executive Staff is based on Pacific Standard Time.

___ Anyone may nominate any name(s) including their own name to the ballot for volunteer
executive staff when new elections are called.

___ One week for nominations and one week for the election is the time frame.

___ After one week of nominations, all the known names, information, statements and
links of the nominees will be emailed to the private email list of the workers, BoDs
and Executives in the form of a "eballot" or else they will be contacted by telephone.
Verification measures will be provided to all those interested in verification.

___ When the election is complete and the final voting deadline is passed, the top five
names will be elected to the executive staff.

___ The highest ranked name will get to choose which one of the five titles they wish to
have by their name in consecutive order starting with the highest vote getter,
2nd highest, 3rd, 4th and 5th and each vote getter may choose from the five
available seats in which are available. The top vote getter gets to choose
and of the five seats. The 2nd highest vote getter may choose from the four
that remain, etc., until all five seats are chosen; i.e. Superintendent, Vice Superintendent,
Treasurer, Secretary & Ethics/Grievances.

___ Once elected, the five executives may switch places with each other from
time to time in order to take breaks or take terms as long as the executive which
they are switching place with are in agreement and the rankings of order are
considered. In other words, the higher ranked name always gets priority over
lower ranked names.

___ During the five months between March 1st of the year and the
annual meeting on July 4th, only the order of their already cast ballots may be changed.

___ Once elected, no Volunteer Executive Staff may also hold a seat on the same
BoDs that the serve as exective, so their name is automatically removed in
these cases and the next consecutively ranked name on the BoD is automatically
elected to the vacated BoD seat.




___ These are the guidelines for submitting resolutions, co-sponsors and date stamping

___ Special Meetings: Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be held at any place
and at any time and may be called when 100% of the elected Board of Directors has been
properly notified thirty days in advance.

___ A quorum is not required on any decisions for day to day operations. In all decisions
and elections of staff or officers other than the annual July 4th meetings, a simply majority
vote under ranked choice voting (RCV) of the participating voting members
is all that will be needed or required.

___ Action of Directors by Communications Equipment: Any action required or which
may be taken at a meeting of directors, or of a committee thereof, may be taken by means of a
conference telephone or similar communications equipment by means of which all persons
participating in the meeting can hear each other at the same time.

___ Signing of Checks or Notes: Checks, notes, drafts, and demands for money shall be
signed by only the Ministry's elected Treasurer from time to time designated by the Board of Directors.

___ Indemnification of Directors and Officers: The Ministry shall indemnify any and
all Executives, Board of Directors, officers, employees, staff, former directors, superintendents,
former officers or any person who may have served at its request as a director or officer of the
corporation or of any other corporation in which it is a creditor, against expenses actually
or necessarily incurred by them in connection with the defense or settlement of any action,
suit, or proceeding brought or threatened in which they, or any of them, are or might be made
parties, or a party, by reason of being or having been directors, officers or a director or an
officer of the corporation, or of such other corporation.
This indemnification shall apply to signers of company shares, including the company's
President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Ethis & Greivances Officer.
This indemnification shall not apply,
however, to matter as to which such director or officer or former director or officer or person
shall be adjudged in such action, suit, or proceeding to be liable for negligence or misconduct
in the performance of duty. Such indemnification shall not be deemed exclusive of other rights
to which those indemnified may be entitled, under any law, bylaw, agreement, vote of
shareholders, or otherwise.

___ Rules By BoDs: The Ministry's BoDs shall have the power to make, alter, amend and
repeal the rules of this Ministry though simple majority vote of the BoDs
using ranked choice voting (RCV). Any such alteration, amendment, or repeal of the Bylaws,
may be changed or repealed by a simple majority of the Board of Directors
entitled to vote at any Board of Director meeting under ranked choice voting
at the annual meeting.

___ Emergency Bylaws: The Board of Directors may adopt emergency Bylaws, Bylaws: subject
to repeal or change by action of the shareholders, which shall be operative during any
emergency in the conduct of business of the Ministry resulting from an attack on the
United States or any nuclear or atomic disaster.


___ The undersigned, being the Initial Director of the Ministry, hereby adopts the
following resolutions:

___ RESOLVED, that the bylaws be, and the same hereby are, adopted as and for
the bylaws of the Ministry, and that a copy thereof be placed in the Minute
Book of the USA Parliament; and, further,

___ RESOLVED, that the following persons be, and hereby are, elected Board of Directors
of the Ministry:
* * *

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