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The Texas Super-state Parliament Election of 2014 Elect the Top 1000 Now (ss9)

Official Marked Eballots ss9
Ben Saenz' marked eballot on 7/23/2014 via telephone:
_1__ Ben Saenz [Indigenous People]

James Ogle's marked eballot on 7/16/2014 (to 43)
_1__ Epifanio Hernandez [Indigenous People]
_2__ Ben Saenz [Indigenous People]
_3__ Rhett Smith [First Freedom]
_4__ Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament]
_5__ Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit]
_6__ Hermosi Kandanzai [Free Radical]
_7__ James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
_8__ Christie Shanafelt [Green Tea]
_9__ Connie Mendosa [Free]
_10__ Lindsey Tenlap [Green]
_11__ Morgan Juma [Green]
_12__ Laurie Dean-Arms [Green]
_13__ Georgeena Abad [Green]
_14__ Ryan Hess [Hydralisk]
_15__ Andy Gonzalez [Independent]
_16__ Sonar Gupta [Indian Democracy]
_17__ Frjeda Sokol [Jewish Conservative]
_18__ Displaced Jersey Boy [Longhorns Rule]
_19__ Goncho Alvarez [Marijuana]
_20__ Victor Huego [Mexico Free]
___ Vigo Veritas [Mockery]
_21__ Colton Harrison [Mutualism and Cooperation]
_22__ Brandon [Mutualism and Cooperation]
_23__ Consuela Mendola [My Own]
_24__ Michael Kostopoulas [Photogenic]
_25__ J.R.Bass [Pot]
_26__ Lisa Davis [Pot]
_27__ Bo Kakke [Pot]
_28__ Jorge Seester [Pot]
_29__ Larry Perrault [Republican]
_30__ Tom Bartlett [Rich]
_31__ War on War [Roseannearchist]
_32__ Carla Vox [Roseannearchist]
_33__ Ethan Moore [Roseanne]
_35_ Daniel Monahan [Green]
_37__ Joshua Steinman [Socialist]
_36__ Michael Hornzela [Socialist]
_38__ David Jouse [Peace & Freedom]
_39__ Chuck R. Lauser [Liberal Democrat]
_40__ William Sparkman [Libertarian]
_41__ Chuck Seevers [Libertarian]
_42__ Alex Jones [Libertarian]
_43__ Paul Brown [Green]
_44__ Boone Timutua [Green]
_45__ Jennifer Evans [Republican]
_46__ Fred Norris [Libertarian]
_47__ Amendalia Horveo [Mexico]
_48__ Jesus Primitivo [Mexican Communist]
_49__ Elizabeth McLane [Green Tea]
_50__ Nick Dartern [Frat]
_51__ Topher Conway [Frat]
_52__ Martese Conchun [Border Warrior]
_53__ Lyndall Kristie [Bush Regime]
_54__ Katie Hunesta [Communist]
_55__ Mykai Landis [Communist]
_56__ Raymond Yeager [Communist]
_57__ Dan Qualch [Communist]
_58__ Debbie Porter [Commie]
_59__ Horton Fortencia [Communism]
_60__ Edwardo Garcia [Communist]
_61__ Pedro Chinnez [Communism]
_62__ Oleda Jimenez [Communist]
_63__ Yetti Man [Communist]
_64__ Lisa Porepii [Communist]
_65__ Rhonda Wendel [Communist]
_66__ Herman Oiut [Communist]
_67__ Nina Lindsay [Communist]
_68__ Mariela Montakos [Communist]
_69__ Adam Inhoff [Communist]
_70__ Chris Garben [Communist]
_71__ JT Murray [Communist]
_72__ Mat Reland [Communist]
_73__ Jesus Alba [Communist]
_74__ Christina Pallazolo [Communist]
_75__ Andy Martinez [Communist]
_76__ Debra Scharf [Democratic]
_77__ Arlene Lewis [Democratic]
_78__ Charlotte Cocker [Democratic]
_79__ Harry Swan [Democrat]
_80__ Jane Gambill [Democrat]
_81__ Alma Juarez [Democratic]
_82__ Sandra Dundsmoore [Democratic]
_83__ Edger Thompson [Democratic]
_84__ Ed Cunningham [Dem.]
_85__ Yolanda Amandoza [Democratic]
_86__ Francis Compy [Democrat]
_87__ Harry Kocks [Democrat]
_88__ Peter Longfellow [Democrat]
_89__ Jermaine Nommik [Vote for Josh]
_90__ Karia Jumar [Democrat]
_91__ Erik Konan [Democrat]
_92__ Tori Xander [Democrat]
_93__ Robert Einert [Democrat]
_94__ Marco Polo aka Jimmy Kens [Democrat]
_95__ Kevin Drafre [Democrat]
_96__ Gale Wievert [Democrat]
_97__ Rachel Zollers [Democrat]
_98__ Ben Zimmern [Democrat]
_99__ Montel Sharba [Democrat]
_100__ Jennifer Gale [Democrat]
_101__ Lauren Aldert [Democrat]
_102__ Rachel Barkindosa [Democrat]
_103__ Jessica Brabender [Democrat]
_104__ Rachel Smith [Democrat]
_105__ Mary Burgess [Democrat]
_106__ Beatrice Shine [Democrat]
_107__ John Shine [Democrat]
_108__ Marta Cox [Democrat]
_109__ Gary Sedorholm [Democrat]
_110__ Shelly Jones [Democrat]
_111__ Cheryl Meader [Democrat]
_112__ John Ivins [Info. Not Avail.]
_113__ John Parramore [Info. Not Avail.]
_114__ Gordon Hermosa [Info. Not Avail.]
115___ "Poncho" Jorge Santos [Info. Not Avail.]
_116__ Kumar [Info. Not Avail.]
_117__ Don Pitts [Info. Not Avail.]
_118__ Wendell Orgam [Info. Not Avail.]
_119__ BachmanTurnerOverdrive [Info. Not Avail.]
_120__ Norm Einer [Info. Not Avail.]
_121__ Ticko Sommguez [Info. Not Avail.]
_122__ Sandra Contri [Info. Not Avail.]
_123__ Amenz Portaniw [Info. Not Avail.]
_124__ Deanne Vorow [Info. Not Avail.]
_125__ Lisa Murkowski [Info. Not Avail.]
_126__ Lawrence Gomen [Info. Not Avail.]
_127__ Jim Shew [Info. Not Avail.]
_128__ Jett Jackson [Info. Not Avail.]
_129__ John Comana [Info. Not Avail.]
_130__ Firenz Lorganzi [Info. Not Avail.]
_131__ Kim Thomas [My Vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks!]
_132__ Nominating Rick Perry [No More Obama]
_133__ Darcy Richardson [Peace & Freedom]
_134__ Beaulah Mae Jackson [Republican]
_135__ Patricia Cornwall [Republican]
_136__ Michael Dell [Republican]
_137__ Sonja Franzea [Republican]
_137__ Tina Rodney [Republican]
_139__ Toni Allen [Republican]
_140__ Roberta Marrone [Republican]
_141__ Don Blackstone [Republican]
_142__ Chaz Bear Jackson [The Party]
_143__ Marcia Bradley [Undecided]
_144__ Richard Hines [Undefined]

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