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Central California Mini-state Parliament Circuit #11-6
4/20/2019 to 4/19/2023

Fresno, Inyo, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, Monterey, San Benito, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne Counties

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Second Central California Parliament Election of 2023
4/20/2019 to 4/19/2023

Now Accepting Nominations - None
Updated on 5/22/2019

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First Central California Parliament
8/6/2015 to 4/20/2019

Prime Minister Elizabeth Torrez [Pot]
Secretary Laura Booth [Free Parliamentary]
Prime Minister Nathan Johnson [American Independent]
Secretary James Ogle [One]
Prime Minister Don Grundmann [Constitution]

President Nathan Johnson [American Independent]
Vice President Darren Courtney [American Independent]


MMPs' Votes for Executives

Executives' Votes for Cabinet

100 Elected Members of Mini-state Parliament (MMPs)

Green Libertarian Party - 16 MMPs

Kevin Clark [Green Libertarian], Carey Campbell [Green], Kephas Haines [Green], Shasta McDowell [Green], Carolyn L. Miller [Green], Medea Benjamin [Green], Dessa Jacobson [Green], Virgil Hales [Green-Pot-Christ], Oliver Bates [Green], Gwen Green [Green], Dan Homer [Green], Rachel Kupperman [Green], Kim Corbin [Green], Lisa Clampitt [Green Tea], Seth Wetmore [Green Chaos] and Hal Ginsberg [Green]

Pot Party - 16 MMPs

Nate Brown Jason Sherry [Pot/Anarchist], Cecelia Barajas, Jorge Gonzalez, Elizabeth Torrez, Edlyn Alanis, Michael Bailey, Mario Castellaros, David Coronado, Lucille Fowler, Mike Schoennoehl, Matt Skipwith, Richie Childers, Andrea Cruz and Kristine Danska and Josh Francis

Parties With One Seat - 14 MMPs

Herb [aqua tangerine], Colipse Dekrin [Bong], Coty Scott [Capitalist], KeyKay Fisher [Celtic Green Team] John Buchanan [Citizen Candidate], Peck the Town Crier [Common Thread], Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic], Chad Van Schoelandt [Discordian] Jacob Covich [Distributist], Heather McLeskey [Hemp], David L. Wetzell [LT Party Movement], Angela Keaton [Ordinary Anarchist], James Ogle and Ron Paul

Libertarian Party - 9 MMPs

Gail Lightfoot, Jane Heider, Loretta Nall [Libertarian/Marijuana], Marie Huynh, Cory Nott, Lawrence Samuels [Purple Libertarian], James Freedner, David Henderson and Kevin Takenaga

Info. Not Avail. - 9 MMPs

Geraldine Barr, Helen Barr, DJ Tenn, Tina Fay, Alice Walker, Jessica Oronoz, Marcia Ray, Joe Paul Manship and Anthony Jamison

Marijuana Party - 7 MMPs

Kevin Fitzgerald, Michael Gruber, Ben Sanders, Curtis Rivers, Eldridge Shelton, Kevin Cruz and Eric Myrtle

Constitution Party - 6 MMPs

Virgil Goode, Don J. Grundmann, Mary Starrett, J.R. Myers, Dizzy Loo [Constitutional Monarchist] and Darrell Castle

Independent - 5 MMPs

David Frey [Independent Socialist], Loris Scagliarini, Bob Friedman, Mathew Hellinger and Alvin Hansen

Environmentalist Party - 4 MMPs

Mike Bogatirev, Anthony W. Robinson, Patrick Seats and Maria LeBlanc [Environmentalist Marijuana]

Free Parliamentary Party - 3 MMPs

Laura Booth, Daniel Penisten [Free Parliament] and Zachary Scott Gordon

Peace and Freedom Party - 3 MMPs

Christine Woyatzky, Susan Cruz and Norma Harrison

Musician/Skateboard Party - 2 MMPs

Kyle Good and JR Damon

Roseannearchist Party - 2 MMPs

Tippy Canoe and John Argent

American Independent Party - 2 MMPs

Nathan Johnson and Darren Courtney

Democratic Party - 2 MMPs

Haywood L. Holst and Harry Snell [Demogod]
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Total 100 Elected MMPs
MMP=member of mini-state parliament
Totals updated on 11/24/2018
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Consecutively ranked name as back-up:
Memo Gonzales [Pot]