Central California / Monterey County

Monterey County Micro-state Parliament Circuit #11-6-8

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60 Members of Micro-state Parliament (MCMPs)

President Richard Rodrigues [Agua Tangerine]
Vice President Cindy Sheehan [Peace & Freedom]

Info. Not Avail. - 19 MCMPs

Marie DeBois, Sheriff Mack, Barry Goldwater Jr., JZ Knight, Charles D., Dale Hamaker, Scott Pelligrino, Randy Credico, Jim Cortez, Gary G. Kreep, Michael "Savage" Weiner, Todd M. Palin, Roy Moore, Mary Hunt, Jane Caputi, Colleen Camp, Joan Dangerfield, Jennifer Hill, Jonathan Krost

Libertarian Party - 12 MCMPs

Starchild, Bob Barr, Randy Eshelman, Sam Goldstein, Doug Craig, Ed Vallejo, Bruce Majors, Matt Cholko, Bruce Cohen, Libertarian Girl, Savva Vassiliev [Progressive Libertarian], Lawrence Samuels [Purple Libertarian]

Parties With One Seat - 8 MCMPs

Cindy Sheehan [Peace and Freedom], Mike Bogatirev [Environmentalist], Daniel Bilie [Padded Wall], Jane Violet [No Affiliation], Patricia Gray [Justice], Mark Shuler [Decline to Say], Harry Snell [Demigod], Eric Taylor [Post 911]

Constitution Party - 5 MCMPs

Tom Tancredo, Chuck Baldwin, Jerome Corsi, Teri Owens, Janine Hansen

Green-Pot-Christ Party - 5 MCMPs

Virgil Hales, Seth Wetmore [Green CHAOS] Laura Wells [Green], Eric Peterson [Green], William Sefton [Green]

Democratic Party - 3 MCMPs

April Flint, Judy A. Song, Jeri Giles [Demo]

Republican Party - 3 MCMPs

Patricia Burns, Justin Stonehewer Bird, James Ogle

Aqua Tangerine Party - 2 MCMPs

Richard Rodrigues, Herb

Roseannearchist Party - 2 MCMPs

Dashas Christ, PJ

Homeless Like Jesus Party - 2 MCMPs

JC Romero, Wade Wilson
* * *

Updated on 11/28/2014
61 MCMPs
MCMPs=members of county micro-state parliament