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___ The ballots are placed in a clear ballot box by the voter and the box is guarded and video taped all day.

___ The votes are counted at the polling location the night of the election.

___ The votes are counted two times by two different and diverse teams of counters and this is recorded/taped/broadcast by two different devices and with the public able to observe and video/livestream the counting.

___ The results from the polling locations will be called to the Board of Elections, emailed to the BoE and hand delivered. All three must match. The Board of Elections will hand tally the results from all the polling locations, again, two times by two different and diverse teams of counters with this being taped, recorded and broadcast and the public able to observe, tape and live-stream the entire proceedings. And, the same goes for what happens at the state level.

___ The polling location should serve a maximum of 1,000 voters and Election Day should be a national holiday with employers, if necessary, having to arrange for special accommodations for employees that must work as with hospitals.

___ The voters' ballot will remain secret but the vote counting will be publicly observable.

___ BALLOT VERIFICATION requires only a name of the voter or a witness when no name is used. If they do not give their name then the ballot will be null and void.

___ BALLOTS MUST be post-marked and received between April 20th and August 5th in the year's election. Any US resident, nominee and/or proxy may observe the counting of the ballots. Volunteer counters will conduct the vote counting. Choices marked on paper ballots are guaranteed to be confidential, yet openly viewed by all observers.

___ PAPER BALLOTS will be made confidential to the highest level possible. Choices marked on "eballots" are posted for public view and are not bound by confidentiality under the behavior of officers of the Parliament.

___ BALLOTS AND EBALLOTS: All US residents are eligible to vote in US Parliament Elections during the time between April 20th and August 5th. Such ballots may be retype set or altered to specifically identify their select nominees' correct name and party affiliation. All ballots released to public use by the USA Parliament's elected secretaries shall count as a legitimate ballot and shall be presumed to represent the correct and most current candidate name information.

___ BALLOT: ORDER OF NOMINEES of all names in the parliament elections and subsidiary parliament elections will be determined by the results caused by the voters' ranking of the nominees on the previous election's ballots. This is known as the correct consecutive order of nominee.

___ Ties in order of new nominations for the ballot will be broken through alphabetizing the names.

___ New nominees will be placed on the ballot in the order that they were nominated and new names will fall below the higher ranked elected members and will be grouped within the group of similar party/category. The date of the original nomination may determine the placement in order on the ballot.

___ If an elected member switches party/categories at any time, then their name will be placed in the new party/category below all other nominees already listed.

___ The final order of the parties/categories on the final prepared ballot will be determined by the nominees' party name/category and the parties/categories will be listed on the ballot in alphabetical order.

___ TIES: Ties will be broken by holding a runoff election only when called by one of the two national secretaries. In all other cases, all the names/items in a tie will be included in the results and will be in a new "tied" category, even if the size of the assembly or agenda list must be expanded beyond normal size set forth by these rules.

___ SPACE FOR THREE OR MORE WRITE-IN choices must be provided on each and every ballot, in all elections.

___ EBALLOTS are ballots cast via email. EBALLOTS must be emailed to vvc at allpartysystem dot org, a private email address used by the secretary and observers for receiving such eballots. No reply email will be sent to voters who cast eballots, unless the voter indicates that he/she wishes to be self appointed to the USPaliament, or when a question regarding verification is raised by a volunteer vote counter.

___ Volunteer vote counters may be added to the exploder email address vvc at allpartysystem dot org as a subscriber by sending the message "subscribe" to vvc at allpartysystem dot org.

___ ONLY ONE SINGLE PARLIAMENTARY BALLOT, IS PERMITTED TO BE MARKED BY EACH U.S. RESIDENT: All U.S. residents, and U.S. citizens living abroad, may vote one time and only one time, during each US Parliament (USP) election cycle. In cases where a second ballot (or more) is cast, only the latter of the ballots will be counted, the former will be marked spoiled and regarded disqualified.
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Contact the volunteer vote counters with you suggested wording for rule improvements by email; vvc at allpartysystem dot org.