Read about the 2020 effort with Libertarian Party:

Video of James Ogle at Libertarian Party "Region 62" in Los Angeles California on July 2nd, 2019

Five-minute Video "How Google Got Its Name" in 1997:

Unity Platform USA Write-in Item:
"New WTC-7 Investigation"

University of Alaska report on WTC-7:
* * *

Individual free speech liberty protected under party or category name for democratic creativity.

Founded in Central California on 8/5/1995


The USA Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College
4/20/2020 to 4/19/2024

"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."
Home Page Moving to www.pprelectoralcollege.com on 4/20/2020!
4/20/2020 to 4/19/2024

President: Demetra Jefferson Wysinger [Wxyz New Day] (US Presidential candidate) (TX) askwy2020@gmail.com
Vice President: James O. Ogle [One] USA (US Presidential candidate) (831) 236-3825 (CA)
* * *

Chair: Svetlana N. Boginskaya [Libertarian]
Vice Chair: James Ogle [One] USA
Deputy Vice Chair: Sorinne F. Ardeleanu [Independent]
Secretary: Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian]
Vice Secretary: Benjamin Meiklejohn [Independent Green]
* * *

MPs' VotesTHE CABINETExecutives' Votes

538 Electors of the Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College
Unity Platform USA

Libertarian Party - 153 Electors

Mark Herd [Libertarian] (CA-CD-33), Sandra Salas [Libertarian] (PA), Heather Horst [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (NE), Vermin Supreme [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (TX), Sarah Rivard [Libertarian] (CA) voteherd@yahoo.com 310 877-8664, Jo Jorgensen [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (SC), Geraldo Guinto [Libertarian] (707) 342-0703, Mimi Robson [Libertarian] (CA), Marc Romain [Libertarian] (CA) marcromain1@gmail.com, Erick Brown [Libertarian] (CA) rockclubfoundation@gmail.com, Colleen Guerrero [Libertarian] (CA) (760) 583-4865, clelesteg@yahoo.com, Kim Ruff [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (AZ), Liberta [Libertarian] (OK), Souraya Faas [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (FL), Mark Hinkle [Libertarian] (CA) mark@garlic.com, Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian] (CA) johnaj@vlda.org, Paul Holman [Libertarian] www.publicsensus.com, paulholman@live.com, Lou Burns [Libertarian] (323) 928-6665 louissinburns08@gmail.com, Sam Sloan [Libertarian] (917) 659-3397 samhsloan@gmail.com, Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Jennifer Ogle [Libertarian] https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008326305937&ref=br_rs (TN), Blake Ashby [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Svetlana N. Boginskaya [Libertarian] https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1467201076 (IL), Mr. Arvin Vohra [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (MD), Demondria Jefferson [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (), Cecil Anthony Ince [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Stephen James Schrader [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Joseph Charles Campell [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Geby Eva Espinosa [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Mr. Francis Christoper Weaver [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Dakota Hale [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Joe Bishop-Henchman [Libertarian] (DC), Jason Daniel Peach [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Rachel Johnson [Libertarian] (CA), William Joseph Hurst [Libertarian] , Wendy Hewitt [Libertarian] (CA), Brad Hartliep [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Rebecca Lau [Libertarian] (NY), Jedidiah Hill [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) jedidiahhill@hotmail.com (OH), Kalish Morrow [Libertarian] (CA), Mr. Nyle Benjamin Layton [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Dakinya J. Jefferson [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (TX), Keenan Wallace Dunham [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (SC), Elizabeth Brierly [Libertarian] (CA), Seymour Art Lee [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Alicia Mattson [Libertarian] (CA), Joey Berry [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Jillian Olsen [Libertarian] (CA), Benjamin G Leder [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (TX), Linda Hinkle [Libertarian] (CA), Mark Douglas Spivey [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Sandra Kallander [Libertarian] (CA), Erik Chase Gerhardt [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Tara Young [Libertarian] (CA), Kenneth Blevins [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), June Genis [Libertarian] (CA), Mr. Cameron KN Jones [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Mary Gingell [Libertarian] (CA), Susan Aquino [Libertarian] (CA), Adam Kokesh [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (AZ), Audrey Kokesh [Libertarian] (WY), Jacob Hornberger [Libertarian] (VA) www.jacobforliberty.com, Susan Kokesh [Libertarian] (WY), Kenneth Reed Armstrong [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (CA) https://www.facebook.com/WildfireCF armstrong2020@usa.com, Jill Pyeatt [Libertarian] (CA), John R. Phillips JR [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Elizabeth A.M. Stump [Libertarian] (CA), Brandon Kelsey [Libertarian] bkelsey.6692@gmail.com (CA), Samantha Miller [Libertarian] (CA), Nancy Neale [Libertarian] (TX), Sara Miller [Libertarian] (TX), Jason Michael Sibilio [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Alexandra Kingsbury [Libertarian] (CA), Samuel Joseph Robb [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Alicia Tresh [Libertarian] (CA), Derrick Michael Reid [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Desarae Lindsey [Libertarian] (TX), Terry Wilkerson [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Deondra Crittenden [Libertarian] (CA), D'Artagnan Dumas Nicholas [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Amber Pulis [Libertarian] (IN), Max Abramson [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate) (NH), Elisheva Levin [Libertarian] (NM), Steven Allen Richey [Libertarian] (US Presidential candidate), Helen Fay Yeaple [Libertarian] (NY), Alice Lillie [Libertarian] (CA), Cop Samminger [Libertarian] WA https://www.facebook.com/CopSamminger/, Caryn Ann Harlos [Libertarian] (CO), Anya Pulis [Libertarian] (IN), Jennifer Haman [Libertarian] (NV), Nickolas Wildstar [Libertarian] (CA), Katrina Marsden [Libertarian] (RI), Jeffery Hewitt [Libertarian] (CA), Angela Rhea Sessions [Libertarian] (CA), Avens O'Brien [Libertarian] (CA), Natalie Foley [Libertarian] (CA), Tracy DuPrez [Libertarian] (CA), Kari Bittner [Libertarian] (NY), Joshua Smith [Libertarian] (CA), Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian] (CA), Kristi Stone [Libertarian] (CA), Gabriella Douglas [Libertarian] (CA), Anne Kissel [Libertarian] (CT), Jonathan Prosser [Libertarian] (CA), Jane Heider [Libertarian] (CA), Starchild [Libertarian] (CA), Rick Dawson [Libertarian] (CA), Lidia Seebeck [Libertarian] (CO), Beth Ostrosky [Libertarian], Alastair Caithness [Libertarian] (CA), Charles Schaefer [Libertarian] (WA), Joie Watson [Libertarian] (CO), Larry Sharpe [Libertarian] (NY), James Tyler Lindsey [Libertarian] (TX), Marcus Pulis [Libertarian] (IN), Anthony Pellegrino [Libertarian] (NY), Jon Lemoine [Libertarian] (LA), David Hynes [Libertarian] (ID), Adam Haman [Libertarian] (NV), Daniel Palmer [Libertarian] (FL) askalibertarian2020@gmail.com, Galen Weiss [Libertarian] (KY), David Dunlap [Libertarian] (NV), Richard Manzo [Libertarian] (NH), Kenneth Olsen [Libertarian] (CA), Steve Haug [Libertarian] (CA), Pierre Crevaux [Libertarian] (FL), Mike Seebeck [Libertarian] (CO), Quinn Eaker [Libertarian] (TX), Brian Woelz [Libertarian] (MD), Andy Craig [Libertarian] (DC), Alexander Kokesh [Libertarian] (CO), Geoffrey J Neale [Libertarian] (TX), Alden Kokesh [Libertarian] (CO), Peter Yeaple [Libertarian] (CA), Mark Whitney [Libertarian] (CA), Bruce Dovner [Libertarian] (CA), Elijah Gizzarelli [Libertarian] (RI), Paul Vallandigham [Libertarian] (CA), Terry Floyd [Libertarian] (CA), Ethan Bishop [Libertarian] (DC), Charles Kokesh [Libertarian] (WY), Mike Shipley [Libertarian] (), Bob Weber [Libertarian] (CA), Boomer Shannon [Libertarian] (CA), Charles Bruce Stewart [Libertarian & Common Law] (OR), TJ Campbell [Libertarian-Republican], Richard A. Weir [Libertarian Socialist], Jim Fulner [Libertarian] (MI), Cory Nott [Libertarian] (CA), Richard Winger [Libertarian] (CA), Joseph Dehn [Libertarian] (CA), Kevin Shaw [Libertarian] (CA), Richard Fast [Libertarian] (CA)
* * *

Green Party - 75 Electors

Laura Wells [Green], Ronnie Henley [Green] (TN) (US Senate candidate) Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/runronniehenleyus/ (731) 613-3196, Bridget Duffy (CA) (415) 760-2084 (San Matao) bridgetofthebridge@gmail.com [Green] , Phoebe Sargen (CA) [Green], Michael A. Murphy (CA) mxm@retropostmodern.com [Green], Eric Brooks (CA) brookse@igc.org [Green], David Bond (CA) ajb8551@hotmail.com [Green], Aidan Hill (CA) aidan4berkeley@gmail.com (510) 982-1948 [Green], Josh Jones (CA) [Green], Sid Akbar (CA) sid@akbar2020.com (916) 470-3669 [Green], Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry [Green] (CA) therealmsskcmcurry@gmail.com, Jennifer Walters [Green] (US Presidential candidate) (NY), Danielle St. John [Green] (CA) www.readytovomit.com, Marcia Everett [Green Party USA] (NC) mle62mle62@gmail.com (919) 369-8643, Hunter Crow [Green] (TX), Ian Schlakman [Green] (US Presidential candidate) (MD), Martha Kelly [Green] (CT) (860) 920-9214, Colia Clark [Green], Winona Laduke [Green], Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward [Gandhian Green], Medea Benjamin [Green], Rich Stevenson [Green], Anita Stewart [Green], Thomas Leavitt [Green], Marnie Glickman [Green], Hal Ginsberg [Green], Susan Estes [Green], Larry Skwarczynski [Green], Pamela Elizondo [Green], Tasvir Singh Bhardwaj [Green], Gina Zenzola [Green], John Carter [Green], Dinah Coffman [Green], Tad Robinson [Green], Farheen Hakeem [Green], Michael Grazian [Green], Kat Swift [Green], Brett Johnsen [Green], Paul Brown [Green], Gail the Rail Parker [Green], Boone Timutua [Green], Celisa Godwin [Green], Mike Rogers [Green], Deb Shafto [Green], Don Cook [Green], Janet Murphy [Green], Harry Hempy [Green], Dr. Paul Kangas [Green], Will Lupinacci [Green], Linsey Tenlap [Green], Charles Brannan [Green], Morgan Juma [Green], Scott Olson [Green], Laurie Dean-Arms [Green], David Grimesey [Green], Georgeena Abad [Green], Eric Peterson [Green], Joseph C. Skues [Green], Seth Wetmore [Green Chaos] , Benjamin Meiklejohn [Green Independent], Kevin Clark [Green/Libertarian], William Cerf [Green, Modern Whig], Virgil Hales [Green-Pot-Christ], Christopher Michael Ward [Green Roseannearchist] , John Liquori [Green Tea], Roger Mead [Green Tea], Barry Briscoe [Green Tea], David Gwaltney [Green Tea], Larry Carter Center [Green], David Cobb [Green], Aldous C. Tyler [Green], Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow], Jill Stein [Green Rainbow], Nicole Briscoe [Green Tea] , Lisa Clampitt [Green Tea]
* * *

Ordinary Anarchist Party - 56 Electors

Angela Keaton [Ordinary Anarchist], Debs Keeler [Roseannearchist], Kiwi Jane [Roseannearchist], Jill Zarin Advices [Roseannearchist], Carla Vox [Roseannearchist], Kelly Ann Pritchard [Roseannearchist], Sheryl Carter [Roseannearchist], Vickie Chrisawn [Roseannearchist], Somali Rose [Roseannearchist], Katherine Farah [Roseannearchist], Julia A. DiCamillo [Roseannearchist], Patricia Harvey [Roseannearchist], Julie Orton [Roseannearchist], Tami Craig Davis [Roseannearchist], Savanna Knight [Roseannearchist], Diane Hines [Roseannearchist], Lisa Sahani [Roseannearchist], Magdalena Zurawski [Roseannearchist], Robin Armstrong [Roseannearchist], Anne Beckett [Roseannearchist], Elizabeth Brossa [Roseannearchist], Laurie Irvin [Roseannearchist], Bonnie Tierney [Roseannearchist], Fifi LeRuef [Roseannearchist], Martha Plimpton [Roseannearchist], Laura Cavallier [Roseannearchist], Dawn Varga [Roseannearchist], Patricia Dillard [Roseannearchist], Sarah Jess [Roseannearchist], Candis Frye [Roseannearchist], Suzanne Simnick [Roseannearchist], Adonica Williams [Roseannearchist], Jenni Spin [Roseannearchist], Katie Anderson [Roseannearchist], Piper Page [Roseannearchist], Karen Misses [Roseannearchist], Angela Field [Roseannearchist], Shannon Flynn [Roseannearchist], Mary Rewis [Roseannearchist], Blogett Bird [Roseannearchist], Sandy Montauk [Roseanne and Johnny], Ashley Hair [Roseannearchist], Lolo Rose [Artarchist], Paul Wetterau [Anarchist], Stephen Long [Anarchy], Jenny Pentland [Roseannearchist], Shannon Cox [RoseanneArchist], PJ [Roseannearchist], Tippy Canoe [Roseannearchist], Dashus Christ [Roseannearchist], Lady Jane Green [Roseannearchist], Patrick Swarts [Roseannearchist], Jim Cortez [Roseannearchist], Jake Pentland [Roseannearchist], Johnny Argent [Roseannearchist], Horace Boothroyd III [Roseannearchist]
* * *

Parties with One Seat - 55 Electors

Demetra Jefferson Wysinger [Wxyz New Day] (US Presidential candidate) (TX) askwy2020@gmail.com, Anthony Jamison [Black Panther] (CA CD20), Daniel Davenport [UN] (US Presidential candidate) (GA) dnldvnpt@icloud.com (510) 776-0753 [UN], Dr. Don Grundman [Constitution Party] (CA) (510) 895-6789 stoptheirs@hotmail.com Fight the Power, Kayne West [Birthday] (CA), Melinda Pillsbury-Foster [Sustainable Humane Economy] (CA), Justin Kahm [Pan-Asianist] (Montana) j.kahm@yahoo.com, Gary Swing [Unity], (US Senate candidate) (CO) theswingvote@yahoo.com, John Richard Myers [Life & Liberty] (MT) jr@johnrichardmyers.com, Anne Armstrong [Compassion], Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic], Tina Drugg [Goddess], Heli Tattari [Universal] (OR) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1218246558&ref=br_rs, Amaterasu Solar [Ethical Planetarian], Lisa Davis [Bong], Anilise Stewart [I Follow Who I Believe In], Lolo Rose [Artarchist], Heather Kenny [Freegan], Consuela Mendola [My Own], Jane Violet [No Affilation], Victoria Moore [Presidential Elector], Maria Sharapove [Tennis], Marcia Bradley [Undecided], Mary Jane Thompson [Universe], Verone Auzenne Thomas [Whig], Tony Jones [Bull Moose], Tim Gildersleeve [Christocrat], Herb Egleston [aqua tangerine], Allen McKinney [AJ Woodstock], Parker Louis Seely [Conservative libertarian Independent], Nathan Johnson [American Independent], Larry Targett [Boston Tea], Keyantwon Stevens [Citizens], Daniel Penisten [Direct Democracy], Jim Mueller [Direct Representation], Ryan Doody [Land and Freedom], David L Wetzell [LT Party Movement], Larry Duggett [Morman Takeover], Marcellius Smith [Parliament], Wayne Christopher [Pastafarian] , Mike Banon [Skateboard], Willie Nelson [Teapot], Kip Lee [Ashtar Command], Samuel Clemens [Atheist], Orion Karl Daley [Balanced], Brady Olson [American Delta], Noam Chomsky [New], Eric Stevenson [Pizza], Lucian Myron [Polyglot], Clinton Crane [Whig], Eric Charles [Orwellian], Cornelius F. Brantley Jr. [Multi-Party USA], BJ Jordan [Dallas Cowboys], John Spencer [Liberty], Vigo Veritas [Mockery],
* * *

Info. Not Avail. - 42 Electors

Richard Gage [Info. Not Avail.] Idaho, Edward Snowden [Info. Not Avail.] (Draft Snowden 2020 US President) (USA), Anita Kegley [Info. Not Avail.] for TX CD 20, Hudson Jackson Jr. [Info. Not Avail.] https://www.facebook.com/hjackson92, JZ Knight [Info. Not Avail.], Andrew Hollis [Info. Not Avail.], Helen Caldicott [Info. Not Avail.], Vicky Holte Takamine [Info. Not Avail.], Dr. Shalomim HaLahawi MD, ND, PsyD. DFM, DPH [Info. Not Avail.], Link K. Scwartz [Info. Not Avail.], April Levine [Info. Not Avail.], Annie Leonard [Info. Not Avail.], Virginia Edwards [Info. Not Avail.], Sandra Bernard [Info. Not Avail.], Brandon Andrews [Info. Not Avail.], Diane Wilson [Info. Not Avail.], Charlie Sheen [Info. Not Avail.], Grace Lee Boggs [Info. Not Avail.], John Goodman [Info. Not Avail.], Theresa Vaughn [Info. Not Avail.], Clint Eastwood [Info. Not Avail.], Colleen Camp Goldwyn [Info. Not Avail.], Woody Harrelson [Info. Not Avail.], George Lopez [Info. Not Avail.], Renee Farnsworth [Info. Not Avail.], Lily Montgomery [Info. Not Avail.], Joan Pollycutt [Info. Not Avail.], Petrina Clary [Info. Not Avail.], Diane Rosellini [Info. Not Avail.], Maranda Metz [Info. Not Avail.], Kristina Kearns [Info. Not Avail.], Carole Scott [Info. Not Avail.], Sandra Contri [Info. Not Avail.], Martha Havelaar [Info. Not Avail.], Sherry Golden [Info. Not Avail.], Sandhya Scott [Info. Not Avail.], Cindy Ryno [Info. Not Avail.], Jacki Silva [Info. Not Avail.], Kelly Tome [Info. Not Avail.], Nina Blackburn [Info. Not Avail.], Deanne Vorow [Info. Not Avail.], Lisa Murkowski [Info. Not Avail.]
* * *

Independent - 27 Electors

Sorinne F. Ardeleanu [Independent] (US Presidential candidate) sorinne4potus@sorinne2020.com (CA), Alan Reynolds https://www.facebook.com/alan.reynolds.378 (CA), Terry Wheelock [Independent] Tom Maris [Independent] tommaris@comcast.net (CA), David Frey [Independent] (CA), Dea Riley [Independent], Ralph Nader [Independent], Ajai Dittmar [Independent], Jesse Ventura [Independent], Victoria Peterson [Independent], Loris Scagliarini [Independent], Arianna Huffington [Independent], Joe Briscoe [Independent], Joan Briscoe [Independent], Tony Briscoe [Independent], Mary M. Hill [Independent], Sugar Ray Leonard [Independent], Pamemla Azar [Independent], Thomas Muhammad [Independent], Rana Marie Sandlin [Independent], Dale Gieringer [Independent], Kat Penisten [Independent], Michael Moore [Independent], Kimberly Richardson [Independent], Casper Leitch [Independent], Dorothy Henderson [Independent], Rob Elliott [Independent]
* * *

Republican Party - 28 Electors

Jim Doyle [Republican] (CA-CD-11) Tel: (925) 376-9265, Mary Kae Ivanetich [Republican], Aberra Shiferraus (CA) (702) 245-6948 [Republican], Lani Guinier [Republican] (MA), Barbara Schroeppel [Republican], Ron Paul [Republican] (TX), Karen Roseberry [Republican] (CA), Colin Powell [Republican], Michele Marie Bachmann [Republican], Dale Mensing [Republican] (CA), Barbara Marumoto [Republican], Rand Paul [Republican] (KY), Mary Stark [Republican] (CA), Matt Munson [Republican] (CA), Patricia Cornwall [Republican], Devon Mathis [Republican] (CA), Beaulah Mae Jackson [Republican], Larry Fenton [Republican] (HI), Sarah Palin [Republican] (AK), John Goya [Republican] (CA), Sonja Franzea [Republican], Roy Allmond [Republican] (CA), Brenda Wickens [Republican], Scot Olewine [Republican - Green Energy] (PR), Blanca Sounders [Republican], Tina Rodney [Republican], Roberta Marrone [Republican], Toni Allen [Republican]
* * *

Democratic Party - 26 Electors

Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic] (CA) E-mail: jhdphd@alumni.ucla.edu, Tulsi Gabbard [Democratic] (US Presidential candidate) (HI) http://www.tulsi2020.com info@tulsi2020.com, Harry Snell [Demogod], Eric Fine (CA) (310) 277-8403 docfiner@aol.com [Democratic], Roy J. Kendall [Democratic] (CA) royjkendall@hotmail.com, Marianne Williamson [Democratic] (US Presidential candidate) (CA), Elizabeth Warren [Democratic] (US Presidential candidate) (MA), Kirsten Gillibrand [Democratic] (US Presidential candidate) (NY), Amy Klobuchar [Democratic] (US Presidential candidate) (MN), Kamala Harris [Democratic] (US Presidential candidate) (CA) [Democratic], Bernie Sanders [Democratic], Michael R. Bloomberg [Democratic], PRAVDA McCroskey [Democratic], Victor Cantu [Democratic], Andy Caffrey [Democratic], Jong-pil Park [Democratic], Roneen Henn [Democratic], Dennis Kucinich [Democratic], Loretta Sanchez [Democratic], Herbert Peters [Democratic], Emory Rogers [Democratic], Steve Stokes [Democratic], Haywood L. Holst [Democratic], Ro Khanna [Democratic], Peter Choi [Democratic], Kevin McCarty [Democratic]
* * *

Free and Equal Party - 12 Electors

Babbette Hogan [Free and Equal], Laura Booth [Free Parliamentary], Rene Jean [Free Parliamentary], Cheryl Martin-Buescher [Free Thinker], Mary Okorn-Jimenez [Free Energy], Dave Parker [Free Energy], Zachary Scott Gordon [Free Parliamentary] , Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament], Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit], Hermosi Kandanzai [Free Radical], Connie Mendosa [Free Thinker], Roscoe Waden [Free to Be]
* * *

Communist Party - 7 Electors

JT Murray [Communist] (TX), Chelsea Tatum [Communist] (TX), Marsha Williams [Communist] (TX), Ernest Wells [Communist] (TN), Li Huong [Communist] (TX), Katie Hunesta [Communist] (TX), Mat Reland [Communist] (TX)
* * *

Pot Party - 7 Electors

Myra Fourwinds [Pot], Sister Somayah [Pot/Nigritian Kief], Nate Brown [Pot], Brandon Garcia [Pot], Randy Jork [Pot], Bo Kakke [Pot], Jorge Seester [Pot]
* * *

Peace and Freedom Party - 5 Electors

Cynthia McKinney [Peace and Freedom], Stewart Alexander [Peace and Freedom], Michael Music [Peace and Freedom], Maureen Smith [Peace and Freedom], Russell Lajoie [Peace and Freedom]
* * *

Marijuana Party - 4 Electors

Sabrina Melicia [Marijuana], Kelly Russell [Marijuana], Goncho Alvarez [Marijuana], J. Roach [Marijuana]
* * *

Comedian Party - 4 Electors

Christine Marie Lenz [Comedian] (CA), Stephen Colbert [Comedy Central], Jon Stewart [Comedy Central], Jim Spahr [Comedy Central]
* * *

In Solidarity of Our Representative Joshua Angell Party - 3 Electors

Rose Weinstock [In Solidarity of Our Representative Joshua Angell], Natalie Hugger [Joshua Paul], Kim Thomas [My vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks!]
* * *

Justice Party - 3 Electors

Patricia Gray [Justice], Rocky Anderson [Justice], James Mason [Justice]
* * *

One Party - 3 Electors

James O. Ogle [One] (CA CD20) Ralph Beach [One], Jonah Bolt [One],
* * *

Humanitarian - 2 Electors

Sonya Kent [Humanitarian] (CA) Sonyakent2018@gmail.com, James Le Sage [Humanitarian]
* * *

Socialist Party - 2 Electors

Veronica Nowakowski [Socialist] , Joe Phillips [Socialist]
* * *

Noocratic Party - 2 Electors
Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shamuel [Noocratic] (Negus Shemsizedek) (TX) lawiyzodok@live.com, Elisheba Zodok-El [Noocratic] (TX) noocraticparty@protonmail.com
* * *

Mexico Party - 2 Electors
Amendalia Horveo [Mexico], Victor Huego [Mexico Free]
* * *

Jewish Conservative Party - 2 Electors

Morly Canton [Jewish Conservative], Frejeda Sokol [Jewish Conservative]
* * *

Indigenous People Party - 2 Electors

Ben Saenz [Indigenous People], Epifanio Hernandez [Indigenous People]
* * *

Mutualism and Cooperation Party - 2 Electors

Rebecca Belding [Mutualism and Cooperation], Joseph Kopsick [Mutualism and Cooperation]
* * *

Discordian Party - 2 Electors

Kalera Stratton [Discordian], P. Steele [Discordian],
* * *

Environmentalist Party - 2 Electors

Mike Bogatirev (CA) michaelb93950@juno.com [Environmentalist], Chuck Pasch [Environmentalist]
* * *

Reform Party - 2 Electors

Pat Buchanan [Reform], Joseph Wendt [Reform],
* * *

Radical Revolutionary Party - 2 Electors

Jennifer Perkins [Radical Revolutionary], Annie Garner [Radical Revolutionary]
* * *

Non-partisan - 2 Electors

Janel Buycks [Non-partisan], Jeannette O'Neal [Non-partisan]
* * *

Original Updated on 4/20/2020
Second Vote Count on 4/29/2020 - 538 Electors
Original Updated on 6/25/2020
Original Updated on 8/16/2020
Original Updated on 8/27/2020
Original Updated on 9/21/2020
* * *

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