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United Coalition USA

Paper Ballot for PPR Electoral College

PPR = pure proportional representation

Iowa February 3rd, 2020

Los Angeles California July 2nd, 2019

How Google Got Its Name From the USA Parliament in 1997
Video from 1995 by Joogle; "How Google Got Its Name"

Individual free speech liberty protected under party or category name for democratic creativity.

Founded in Central California on 8/5/1995


The All Party System Co.

Day to Day Updates

To: United Coalition
From: IP Senator/Vice President/Vote Counting Minister James Ogle [One]
Subject: Day to Day Update 9/4/2020

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1. All Parties And Independents Nominees Vying US President, Vice President and Elector
2. Get Paper Ballots for PPR Electoral College
3. International Parliament (IP) Cabinet
4. Electoral College Member Gets Automatically Elected
5. James Ogle's [One] Appeal to the Libertarian Party Judicial Committee 8/14/2020
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1. All Parties And Independents Vying for US President, Vice President and Elector

Los Angeles County Mini-state Zoom Show 9/8/2020

The new Los Angeles County Mini-state is conducting weekly US Presidential, Vice Presidential and Elector candidate discussions.

All US Presidential, Vice Presidential, Elector candidates, voters and non-voters are invited.

There will be time for questions at the end of the twenty-minute free speech time.

Mary Kae Ivanetich [Republican], Anthony Jamison [Black Panther] and James Ogle [One] are confirmed participants and each will speak for about six minutes about their own freedom of speech platform for US Presidential and Vice Presidential elections in 2020.

Candidates Sarah Revard [Libertarian], Richard Gage [Info. Not Avail.], Mark Herd [Libertarian] and Roy Kendall [Democratic] are vying as write-in candidates for US President, Vice President or Elector. All new nominees are welcomed to the show.

Twenty minutes for speaking will be divided equally for all participants wanting to speak.

Telephone Conference Phone Number: (831) 392-8337
PIN: 6829

US Presidential Electors on Zoom - Tuesday starting September 8th 2020 at 9 am Pacific Time
Host James Ogle [One] US Presidential, Vice Presidential or Elector Candidate
Director James LeSage [Humanitarian]
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Links to Past Zoom Conferences

"Write-in Four POTUS Candidates" - May 30th 2020 (3-minute promo) Zoom #1

"By Richard Gage" [Info. Not Avail.] (ae911truth) - June 13th 2020 (3-minute promo) - Zoom #2

Write-in "Open and Fair Congressional Investigation of USS Liberty Incident with all USS Liberty Survivors to Testify" - August 23rd 2020 - (6-minute promo) - Zoom #3

Write-in "New WTC-7 Investigation" - August 8th 2020 - (3-minute promo) - Zoom #4

Write-in "New WTC-7 Investigation" - August 8th 2020 - (2 hours) - Zoom #4
August 8th 2020 with Guest Richard Gage ae911truth dot org
Password: 9kcB3f1@
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2. Get Paper Ballots for PPR Electoral College

Official United Coalition USA Paper Ballot Paper Ballot Only #e-aps-13 PPR Electoral College Election
Get paper ballot:

Unity Platform USA - Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-6
Get paper ballot:
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3. International Parliament (IP) Cabinet

International Cooperation and Development Ministry Administrator Election

Voting Going on Now for Ministry Administrator by Write-in "Eballot":
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4. Electoral College Member Gets Automatically Elected

Partick K. Martin [Independent] gets automatically Elected 8/4/2020 after death of Elector Mimi Soltysik [Socialist], votes are recounted, next highest ranked name is elected. Volunteer vote counter James Ogle.
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5. James Ogle's [One] Appeal to the Libertarian Party Judicial Committee 8/14/2020

Find full text of the four-point appeasl here:
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