Vote Here / Four Steps

Four Steps For All Voting in the 8th USA Parliament Election

Four Easy Steps for All Voting in the USA Parliament (Members and Non Members)

Step One: Go to the American Parliament website and click link on "Vote Here" tab which is located in the top navigation bar:

Step Two: Click on the link labeled "Get Eballot".
For all elected members of parliament only (MPs, MSPs and MMPs) so to elect prime ministers, secretaries and rules, click:
"Elected members, click here to get eballot"

Step Three: Print out paper ballot PDF or or create new one from skratch and follow the directions on ballot.

Step Four: Mark the email message by ranking names with consecutive
numbers beginning with the number "1", followed by consecutive
numbers for each name preferred to be elected (don't vote for unwanted names/items)
and SEND via US mail (or email in some cases).

Three More Optional Steps for Checking and Improving Your Marked Eballot:

Step Five: Watch for your marked eballot to be posted on the American Parliament's
site, by scrolling your mouse in the left nav bar over the word "Forum" and click on
the link entitled "Cast Eballots" or "MPs Voting Records".

See Marked paper ballots for PPR Electoral College:

Marked paper ballots for Unity Platform USA:

NOTE: If your paper ballot or email ballot doesn't show up in totals and marked ballot records within two weeks after mailing then please contact us to help us make the corrections needed.

Step Six: If your marked eballot does not appear linked to the URL
listed above within 12 to 48 hours, then click on the link "Contact Us",
report the situation and it will be rectified.

Step Seven: To improve your marked eballot at anytime, repeat
steps one through four, and your newly marked eballot will
replace the preceding eballot. Only the most recently marked
eballot will be retained.
* * *