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1) Sign up for email communications or have email or web page links configured to your name on the web site www.usparliament.org.

2) Explanation of population balanced super-states and mini-states.

3) How we currently function as a committee of citizens.

4) Brief history.

5) Basketball team analogy.

6) D-Day analogy, and conciliatory language for all parties cooperation (long).

* * *

1) Sign up for email communications or have email or web page links configured to your name on the web site www.usparliament.org. A new site www.allpartysystem.tv is also being developed.

Subscribe or unsubscribe your email address or have email or web page links to your name in the US Parliament by using the "Membership" button.

If you want an email or web link on your name there, be sure to contact us.

The Monthly Bulletin is the communication email list.

Send the message "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" to info@allpartysystem.org or secretary2@allpartysystem.org and your email address will be added or removed (edited by hand) to the "Monthly Bulletin" email the list you request. Email any questions, suggestions for improvements or changes to the same contact addresses.

Note: If you do join and email the message "subscribe", sometimes people reply to all email addresses on the email subscription list. Debate can occur between socialist and libertarian, partisan and independent, conservative and liberal, etc., of which comments you would also receive via email from time to time (3 to 7 per month?). Free speech is encouraged on the parliament's email list and we don't attempt to control that free speech

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2) Explanation of population balanced super-states and mini-states.

In the US Parliament, there are 12 population balanced super-state circuits (states and groups of states) and each super-state circuit is made of 12 population balanced mini-state circuits (counties and groups of counties). Counties not large enough in population to be mini-states are all categorized as micro-state parliaments. All subsidiary parliaments are designed to have 100 members elected in their at-large elections.

In order to make sure all U.S. of America voters across the nation are in equal sized voting districts many of the counties and states have been grouped together in order to make as equal populations as possible within each district, without breaching any existing state and county boundary lines.

* * *

3) How we currently function as a committee of citizens.

The parliamentary coalition's annual elections have been ongoing since 1995. Many people have helped contribute ideas for the web pages, rules and voter registration project.

Our most active areas of cooperation of varying degrees are between the five executives; the three prime ministers and two secretaries. They elect the Cabinet Ministers, elect the planks on the platform and approve the agenda by a majority vote of 50% plus one vote.

If you are an elected MP, MSP, MMP or MCMP you may cast you "MP's vote" at any time during your tenure as an elected member (in regions where the names have been elected) and your vote helps elect and/or rotate the five executives.

In regions where no elections have been held, we are still able to push ahead with such elections, should you want to help spearhead. Otherwise, we stay with the regular cycles.

The largest group of elected MPs who approves the rules is known as the majority coalition.

* * *

4) Brief history.

After more than 100 computer scientists voted on a preference ballot, when the web was mostly just text in early 1995 and known as Usenet, the US Federal Elections Commission (FEC) recognized the USA Parliament as a national political organization, a political action committee (PAC) where everyone is free to self categorize as they wish.

The US Parliament had evolved as a 100-member parliament from the Environmentalist Party, founded by Mike Bogatirev in 1983.

In 2012 actress Roseanne Barr's popularity allowed us to expand up to 1000 members in the national parliament.

As elected volunteer vote counter of the US Parliament, I, James Ogle, have kept and still do keep notebooks with records of all self appointments.

In all cases of any members resignation (or death), the name is removed from the web page with little or no fanfare at all, and the next highest ranked name is elected in their stead, based on votes cast, paper ballots kept as proof.

If you are now a member/candidate by self appointing, your name will appear on your state or circuit's web page, and your name automatically qualifies for the ballot in that district's next parliamentary coalition election. All of our cycles are timed with the US Constitution, but the US Parliament elections start on 4/20 and end on 8/5 (August 5th).

We use 100 or 1000 members, because its symmetrical to percentages. The members' party/category is used as a free speech word of communication, so that while the voter is in the voting booth, they can learn more about the person besides just their name. The party name or category by your name may change at anytime you wish within the US Parliament, and the one you declare this day is the primary criteria in determining how the web page depicts/categorizes you.

There is no penalty for switching, remaining anonymous or whatever, regardless of how you may actually be registered with the state.

In the USA Parliament, the party/cetegory and name is however you wish, as long as no slander is used.

You may "stand down" and have your name removed entirely, and the next lower ranked name will automatically be elected in your stead. And, your name may also serve on several levels; county, state and/or national level - the more the better.

About the Math;

Two member district = first name or items wins with 33.33% plus one vote, second one also wins with 33.33 plus one vote.

Three member district = first three with 25% (1/4 of votes cast) plus one vote.

Ten member district = first ten are elected who receive 1/11th of total votes, plus one vote.

Eleven member district = first eleven with 1/12th (or 8.5%) plus one vote.

One hundred member district (US Parliament) = first 100 names, with 1/101ths (or .99%), plus one votes, get elected.

While we will perhaps be able to integrate independent US presidential candidates into the 100 member Parliamentary Coalition, and also potentially register more voters under our paper ballot operation, it is of course doubtful we will have any real effect on the US presidential elections, as we are a small group.

We are censored by the state (most members are not permitted ballot access), and we're not recognized by enough people.

The Executive of Five

Once the parliament is elected on August 6th, each elected member gets a MPs vote to elect the five executives, who take care of day-to-day operations.

All we ask of the elected executives is to rank the Cabinet nominees.

* * *

5) Basketball team analogy.

We're like 100 elected co-ed coaches, who elect the five executives, and they are like five members of an elected co-ed basketball team.

The additional cabinet members are like the back-up players, resting on the bench and backing up the executives as a team.

Our problem has been that too few of the players were working as a team, "passing the ball around", so we can move closer to the hoop for good shots. It's frustrating when a ball is passed, but the player makes no attempt to catch the pass. So it goes out of bounds or gets turned over to the other team, because our member is too busy promoting themselves rather than working as a team.

We use the triple prime minister/dual secretary system, a five member executive, because it's a system that approves actions by a simple majority vote of three or more, of the five. That way, no one person has too much power, and they are accountable to the parliamentary coalition of MPs that voted for them. As figureheads and communication lightening rods, the Prime Ministers and secretaries can be rotated/removed at anytime. In addition, as up to three factions of voting MPs with 25% plus one vote (one to 26 MPs) elects each prime minister, only one MP is needed to switch their vote to the remaining disenfranchised 25% (one to 26 MPs) faction to elect a new prime minister.

Prime Ministers, Secretaries and Cabinet members are like the all party system team players.

* * *

6) D-Day analogy, and conciliatory language for all parties cooperation (long).

Imagine that the elected executive members who were also candidates which supported pure proportional representation (PR) and were friendly to this concept, were like an elected specialized team taking on machine gun nests guarding bunkers on the French beaches of Normandy during D-Day, in World War Two.

The 100 members' sustained overwhelming firepower, might be defined as promotion of their party name/category and/or their votes on election day.

Organizing independents, might be like taking roll call and filling up landing craft for D-Day, with as many participants (well over 100) and write ins, to win as many seats as possible.

Once the US Parliament's elections schedules conclude on August 5th, the results of the election is like the 100 members being on the beach.

The stack of ballots cast as proof is now a tool for cooperation among very diverse membership, elected with 1% each. We are all friends, free and equals on the beaches of France as Americans, but we do need the best tool to organize, as our numbers are rapidly diminishing.

We use the MPs' votes to elect a smaller specialized teams of political candidates for office, who support each other and work as a team, to take on the "bunker" by winning elections.

State censorship (ballot access denied to deny competition of ideas), plurality elections (elections using a check or ‘x’ instead of #s 1, 2, 3, etc.), self censorship, and media bias by news media organizations, are some of the weapons being used against us.

Inside the bunker, they always fight each other, but fighting anyone makes them stronger. Small parties and independents are particularly vulnerable, that's why we need to work as a single fighting unit.

We are a peaceful, more advanced all party voting system, and we wish to join all U.S.of America voters under a peaceful, more representative voting system based on 1/100ths. And we are very concerned because US single winner districts are too destructive, requiring only one person to win because they are better than everyone else, working for themselves or their own district, instead of 100 winners working for the good of the all.

The population balanced mini state and super state parliaments then, are like armadas of landing craft, where each elected parliament circuit builds 25 to 35 party boats, represented as 25 to 35 parties/categories. (We usually get 25-35 parties, and climbing because we like to splinter, with up to 100 different party names plus independents per each 100-member parliament.

Some of the boats carry the political candidates, who are like super voters, with access to free speech, during election times. These political candidates become our executives easily, when they participate in our voting system.

We need everyone need to help build all of the boats, all at once early in the year, in every mini state and super state.

Each party's boat travels and lands with only members of one party within each boat (that's just how the ballot stays organized).

Each party boat has independents integrated into it, based on the members' rankings. For example the New Age Libertarian Party is on the Libertarian Party's boat, the Green Peace Party is on the Green Party's boat and the Free Marijuana Party is on the Marijuana Party's boat.

There are more than enough boats for everyone, and everyone may switch boats anytime by switching party/category, for landing on all the various beaches. Start your own party, but you must win 1% of the votes to be elected, and to be on the party boat. There are even non voters on the boats.

Once landed on August 6th, all parties merge on the beach as a mean, clean, voting machine.

Those in the bunkers do not recognize that us independent partisans and true independents exist, and every year we garner far more than 1% of the votes cast in all US plurality elections, but average representation won is just over 0%.

Because plurality voting systems use X or checks instead of ranking #s 1, 2, 3, etc., and that, combined with single member districts, causes true independents and independents with innovative party/category names to be squashed.

We simply don't exist to those in the bunker, and their rules decimate our ranks.

While the parliament is running around on the Normandy beaches in disarray confusion, more and more independents are coming onshore as reinforcements, and as each independent falls (resigns or dies), the next highest squashed.

We're the greens on D-Day, because that was the color of the uniform. (That IS how the Green Party got its name in Germany, from the color of the American soldiers uniform.)

And in that sense, we are all green, and eventually we will find a way to all work together as a united team, and we will find a way to get off this beach.

At current pace, it's more than 150,000 years in the future before we see the Battle of the Bulge.