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About Being A MP
MP=member of parliament

As Member of Parliament (MP), or Donor MP, You Are Asked to Vote

--> You get to vote for the three prime ministers,
the two secretaries and the one set of rules.
* * *

To Vote on Prime Ministers and Secretaries

--> The "eballot" is linked on the "Vote Here"
tab towards bottom of page where it says:
"USA Only: All elected members (MPs, MSPs and MMPs), Vote on "MP's Ballot".

--> If you have already added your vote, and it will be linked in
left navigation bar, 11th item from the top, where it says;
"USA National MPs' Voting Records".

--> The votes are listed there in chronological order.

--> You may change your votes anytime as a "vote of confidence"
for the three prime ministers, two secretaries and one set
of guidelines (formerly known as rules).

--> The Prime Ministers are figure heads and the Secretaries
call the convention date and location.
* * *

To Vote on Guidelines

--> The Guidelines are voted on as a set or individually.

--> Each line is numbered so that if/when we want to make
specific improvements, you may write in a new
ranking of the improvement and then when the
word spreads among the membership we can get others
to consider improving the set of rules and everyone's
rankings are averaged.

--> Everyone always wants to improve the guidelines
and so we welcome your ideas!

--> The majority coalition is the biggest majority that
ranks one set of guidelines/rules achieving biggest majority.

--> Feel free to contact us
anytime you have any questions, etc.

--> Thank you very much for participating.
We need more people like you, so if you want
to be elected onto the executive as Prime Minister
or Secretary, let us know and we'll help lobby for
the needed votes.
* * *

Electing the Cabinet

---> The Prime Ministers and Secretaries rank the Cabinet Ministers and that's
known as the "parliamentary go-ahead" as in the guidelines, item #64.
* * *