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1st SouthWest Super-state (ss10)

8/6/2018 to 8/5/2022
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Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Utah
Most Active Mini-state: Maricopa Mini-state (AZ) (ss10-1)

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1st SouthWest Super-state (ss10) Senator Nominations
National Super-state Senate Chamber
Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

Super-state Senator Arizona [Libertarian] 1Titanoboa for the Mayor of Phoenix 2022 P7-USA-ss10-1

Super-state Senator Heather Horst [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), NE

Super-state Senator and Provincial Senator James Treibert [Libertarian] treibert_j@msn.com Vying for US Vice President 2028 P7-USA-ss10-4
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1st SouthWest Super-state (ss10) Elector Nominations
Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

3729, 3 (2 tics, sum 3732) Caryn Ann Harlos [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3362, 5 (2 tics, sum 3367) Arizona [Libertarian] 1Titanoboa for the Mayor of Phoenix 2022 P7-USA-ss10-1
3363 Heather Horst [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), NE
3364 James Treibert [Libertarian] Vying for US Vice President 2028 Picks APS-IB Worker BoD treibert_j@msn.com p7 USA ss10-4
3365 Erin Adams [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7,
3366 Tyler Smith [Libertarian] Candidate for LNC Secrtary 2022 1Libertarian USA 1Libertarian USA-ss10
3367 Jeffrey "Jeff" Metrick [Libertarian] (2022 US Congressional candidate), AZ-CD5 1Libertarian USA-ss10-2
3368 Natalie Bruno [Libertarian] (Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidate 2022) 1Libertarian USA-ss10-8
3369 Moritzky, William "Bill" [Libertarian] for AZ Governor, AZ (2 tics, sum of 14)
3370 Sean Reyes [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3371 Kris Udy [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3372 Jitni Kestiri [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3373 Chris Herrod [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3374 Dave P. Mohowski [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3375 Greg Hughes [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3376 Diana L. Anderson [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-2
3377 Utah State Senator Curt Bramble [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-9
3378 Nina Blackburn [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-2
3379 Sara Jean Baker [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-2
3380 Eva F. Kosinski [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3381 Michele Poague [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3382 Sherry Golden [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-2
3383 Kim Tavendale [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3384 Joseph Thompson Joseph Thompson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3385 Brenda Wickens [Republican] USA-ss10-2
3386 Kevin Gulbranson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3387 Michael Stapleton [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3388 Mike Spalding [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3389 Ken Wyble [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3390 Doug Stanhope [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3391 Heather Reprise [Blogojevich Democracy] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-2
3392 Joe Michael Cobb [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3393 Zhani Doko [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3394 Ernest Hancock [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3395 Stacey Davis [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3396 Michael Kielsky [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3397 Sharon Duboi [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3398 Frank Sarwark [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3399 Elizabeth Honce [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3400 Khadijah Maryam Jacob Sr. [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3401 Sherry Heim [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3402 Ashley Lara [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3403 Liberta [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3404 Chad Wolett [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3405 Denise Cox [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-9
3406 Caryn Terres [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-9
3407 Princess Khadijah M. Jacob-Fambro [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3408 Robert D. Garrard [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3409 Rob Hodgkinson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3410 Mike Kerner [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3411 Marty Swinney [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3412 Allen Cogbil [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3413 Mike Blessing [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3414 Gene Siadek [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3415 David Demarest [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3416 David Hunt [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3417 Scott Zimmerman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3418 Mikel Dillon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-8
3419 Joel Britt Dixon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-8
3420 Jay Norton [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3421 Ephriam Zachary Knight [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-8
3422 Craig A. Dawkins [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3423 Mark C. DeShazo [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3424 J. Robert Latham [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-9
3425 David Raine [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-9
3426 Chris Sanders [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-9
3427 Kevin Bryan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-9
3428 Warren Severin [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3429 Jonathan Jace Burgess [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3430 Ryan O'Doud [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3431 Ruth E. Bennett [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3432 Jesse Haffran [Libertarian Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3433 Julian Waters [Cool Moose] 1Libertarian 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3434 Anita Goodman [Pansexual Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3435 Jeff Verhey [Marijuana] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3436 Amy Hanson [Rocker] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3437 Raymond Rael [Hemp] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3438 The Reverend Q [What's Happening Now] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3439 Samael Clemens [Atheist] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1 Chad Lozano [fight the power] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3440 Braxton Forbes [bipartisan] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3441 J. L. Mealer [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3442 Douglas S. Van Raam [Free Soil] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3443 Cole Gintak [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3444 Larry Duggett [Morman Takeover] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3445 John Spencer [Liberty] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3446 Dr. Zakk Flash [COBRA] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3447 Charlie Strong [Boarder] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3448 Aidan King [Mutualism and Cooperation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3449 Royce Johnson [government official 111coe] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3450 Richard Haley [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3451 Alex Kimber [info. not avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3452 Nick Ward [info. not avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3453 Nicholas Hazlett [info. not avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3454 Jay White [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3455 Troy Williams [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3456 Catherine Vickers [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3457 Amy McAlpine [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3458 MaLise Gonzales [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3459 Ralph Bell [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3460 Hannah Dixon [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3461 Shay Kastner [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3462 Evan Colletti [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3463 Erika Wells [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3464 Tokenwhiteguy [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3465 Randy Jork [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3466 Josiah Biggs [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3467 Phil DeBlanc [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3468 Marc Black [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3469 Lydia Kelemen [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3470 Dea Riley [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3471 Vincent Hamm [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3472 Paul Freeman [Blogojevich Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3473 Gov Rod Blagojevich [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3474 Alexander Johnson [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3475 Robert Rogers [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3476 Chistopher Nicks [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3477 Earl Bagwell [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3478 Dan Kennedy [Republican/Conservative] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3479 Tony Dunsworth [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-1
3480 Phoebe Berry [Green Tea] USA-ss10-2USA-ss10-1
3481 Mike Shipley [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-3
3482 Gallardo, Steve [Democratic] ss10-1
3483 Heredia, Luis Alberto [Democratic]
3484 Jackson, Constance [Democratic]
3485 Kennedy, Sandra D. [Democratic]
3486 Lewis, Stephen Roe [Democratic]
3487 McLaughlin, James [Democratic]
3488 Nez, Jonatha [Democratic]
3489 Norris, Ned [Democratic]
3490 Romero, Regina [Democratic]
3491 Rotellini, Felecia [Democratic]
3492 Yamashita, Fred [Democratic]
3493 Bowyer, Tyler [Republican]
3494 Cottle, Nancy [Republican]
3495 Hoffman, Jake [Republican]
3496 Kern, Anthony T. [Republican]
3497 Lamon, James [Republican]
3498 Montgomery, Robert [Republican]
3499 Moorhead, Samuel I. [Republican]
3500 Pellegrino, Loraine B. [Republican]
3501 Safsten, Greg [Republican]
3502 Ward, Kelli [Republican]
3503 Ward, Michael [Republican]
3504 Benjamin, Timothy [Libertarian]
3505 Blitz, Howard [Libertarian]
3506 Jeffery T. Daniels [Libertarian]
3507 Flores, Alejandro [Libertarian]
3508 Hess, Barry [Libertarian]
3509 Marks, Doug [Libertarian]
3510 Pepiton, Robert A. [Libertarian]
3511 Slayton, Brandon [Libertarian]
3512 Stewart, Scott [Libertarian]
3513 Winder, Jonathan [Libertarian] ss10-1
3514 Black, Micah [Libertarian] ss10-1
3515 Anita Lynch [Democratic] ss10-4
3516 Jerad Sutton [Democratic] ss10-4
3517 Judith Ingelido [Democratic] ss10-4
3518 Bryan Hartmann [Democratic] ss10-4
3519 Ann Knollman [Democratic] ss10-4
3520 Victoria Marquesen [Democratic] ss10-4
3521 Susan McFaddin [Democratic] ss10-4
3522 Polly Baca [Democratic] ss10-4
3523 Alan Kennedy [Democratic] ss10-4
3524 Clay Hirakata [Republican] ss10-4
3525 Sherrill Koelbel [Republican] ss10-4
3526 LeMoine Dowd [Republican] ss10-4
3527 Marla Reichert [Republican] ss10-4
3528 Derrick Wilburn [Republican] ss10-4
3529 Garry Kirkland [Republican] ss10-4
3530 Maria Weese [Republican] ss10-4
3531 Larry Mizel [Republican] ss10-4
3532 George Brauchler [Republican] ss10-4
3533 Gerald Kilpatrick [American Constitution] ss10-4
3534 Carla Pyle [American Constitution] ss10-4
3535 Terry Wabnitz [American Constitution] ss10-4
3536 Matthew Aden [American Constitution] ss10-4
3537 Baileigh Johnson [American Constitution] ss10-4
3538 Teresa Aden [American Constitution] ss10-4
3539 Patricia Case [American Constitution] ss10-4
3540 Douglas Aden [American Constitution] ss10-4
3541 Rose Aden [American Constitution] ss10-4
3542 Galen Bercaw [Unity] ss10-4
3543 Jason Brown [Unity] ss10-4
3544 Charles Zaragoza [Unity] ss10-4
3545 Tashia DeHerrera [Unity] ss10-4
3546 Angela Sandoval [Unity] ss10-4
3547 Christopher Otwell [Unity] ss10-4
3548 Jennifer Durio [Unity] ss10-4
3549 Paul Zaentz-Lewis [Unity] ss10-4
3550 Gary Swing [Unity] (US Senate candidate) (CO) theswingvote@yahoo.com ss10-4
3551 Victoria Lindsey [Green] ss10-4
3552 Eric Fried [Green] ss10-4
3553 Amergin Okai [Green] ss10-4
3554 Patricia McCracken [Green] ss10-4
3555 Erik Troe [Green] ss10-4
3556 Desmond Wallington [Green] ss10-4
3557 Annamarie Martinez [Green] ss10-4
3558 Jason Justice [Green] ss10-4
3559 Andrea Merida [Green] ss10-4
3560 Zachary Laddison [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3561 Amiya Smith [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3562 Eliza Cornell [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3563 Patrick Lawson [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3564 Travis Nicks [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3565 Tatiana Nicks [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3566 Jan Kok [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3567 Alexander Winkler [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3568 Kelly Nicks [Approval Voting] ss10-4
3569 Maria Reynolds [Libertarian] ss10-4
3570 Kevin Gulbranson [Libertarian] ss10-4
3571 Ross Klopf [Libertarian] ss10-4
3572 Bruce Griffith [Libertarian] ss10-4
3573 Donald Dotson [Libertarian] ss10-4
3574 Marc Cavin [Libertarian] ss10-4
3575 Damian McCarthy [Libertarian] ss10-4
3576 Allen Cogbill [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3577 Bo Shaffer [Libertarian] ss10-4
3578 Sara Blakely-Cummings [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3579 Donna Wintz [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3580 Joseph Conder [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3581 Andrew Couch [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3582 Jonathan Tschiggfrie [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3583 Jennifer Shaw [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3584 David Danforth [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3585 Kevin McGouldrick [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3586 Robert Domaleski [American Solidarity] ss10-4
3587 David Daniels [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3588 Patricia Eberhart [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3589 Nicole Brown [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3590 Kathryn Siemens [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3591 Haley Marshall [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3592 Christopher Christensen [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3593 Joy Wood [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3594 Susie Silversmith [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3595 Richard Silversmith [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3596 Michael Tucker [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3597 Shannon Stone [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3598 Ann Marie Kramer [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3599 Brian Cortez [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3600 Mikayla Castillo [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3601 Dylan Price [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3602 Nick Bergen [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3603 Matthew Ballinger [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3604 Jennifer Su [Prohibition] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3605 Stephen Thomas [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3606 Carol Dreselly [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3607 Nicholas Thomas [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3608 Kristen Marshall [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3609 James Duncan [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3610 Evan Ravitz [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3611 Bonnie Reed [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3612 Robert Worthey [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3613 Carolyn Bninski [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3614 Izear Brown [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3615 Shaquon Agnew [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3616 Herman Muhammad [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3617 Arlene Cudjo [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3618 Kris Garcia [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3619 Alex Krasovec [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3620 Little Ford [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3621 Courtanea Page [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3622 Alice McBride [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3623 Thomas Bidell [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3624 Rodney Holt [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3625 Jeffrey Hlad [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3626 Horace Kerr II [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3627 Richard Stuart [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3628 Karen Ray [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3629 Paul Swanson [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3630 Fred Hinz [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3631 Sara Grossman [Socialist Workers] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3632 Michael Thomas [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3633 Kristen Rasmussen [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3634 Mitchell Thomas [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3635 Matt Benjamin [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3636 Jessica Benjamin [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3637 Anthony Ingram [Alliance] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3638 Judith Harrington [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3639 Michael Haughey [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3640 Cathi Ann Woodward [Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3641 Kenny Schneider [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3642 Candice Knowles [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3643 William Knowles [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3644 Jana Knowles [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3645 Ruth Orr [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3646 Sigli Sporleder-Orr [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3647 Carl Berger [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3648 William Beverly [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3649 Margaret Benine [Socialist Equality] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3650 Shelly Shoemaker [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3651 Bonnie Watts [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3652 Percy Holmes [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3653 Thomas Keenan [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3654 Lori Muhr [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3655 Bobbi McComb [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3656 Bill McGuire [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3657 Tasha Foushi [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3658 Billie Mobley [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3659 Lillian House [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3660 Ryan Hamby [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3661 Whitney Lucero [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3662 Conor Whetsel [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3663 Jonathan Flowers [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3664 David Kiehn [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3665 Sam Haugland [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3666 Jon Arndt [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3667 Ian Hunicke-Smith [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3668 Kristen Turnbull [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3669 Esperanza Marquez De Casco [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3670 Christopher Behne [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3671 Barrett Hendricks [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3672 Gloria Hendricks [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3673 Elaine Olivas [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3674 Paul Ripplinger [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3675 Alexandra Wittenmyer [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3676 Zach Overturf [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3677 Teresa Kimmel [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3678 Nathan Millet [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3679 Triston Parkey [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3680 Vincent Ott [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3681 Jack Loberg [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3682 Melody Jrunes [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3683 Johnathan Ford [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3684 Oriana Trernpert [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3685 Alma Rodrigues-Shipp [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3686 Emma Campbell [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3687 Fawn Bloom [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3688 Deanna Stonick [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3689 Travis Scott [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3690 Sean McArdle [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3691 Karen Fitzpatrick [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3692 Daniel Waddoups [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3693 Brittany Lee [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3694 Jeff Arnold [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3695 Seth Jacobson [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3696 Kittrick MacLean [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3697 Shelley Kon [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3698 Adam Johnson [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3699 Emily Daniels [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3700 Matthew Zielinski [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3701 Mark Polk [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3702 Joseph Peters [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3703 Stanley Pence [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3704 Aaron Dooley [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3705 Aesop Adams [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3706 Philip Walker [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3707 Kelsey Bremner [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3708 Angelo Abad [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3709 David Bourgeois [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3710 Rocky Velasquez [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3711 Brenda Brodie [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3712 Ciera Antalek [No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3713 Elizabeth Francis [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3714 Sandra Guzman [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3715 Francisca Ruiz [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3716 Rosa Lopez [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3717 Daniel Moran [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3718 Casey Moran [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3719 Conrado Quezada Escandon [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3720 Celia Quezada [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3721 Meliton Trujillo [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3722 Dianah Waite [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3723 Julie Clark [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3724 Steven Gallant [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3725 Gary Johnson [Libertarian] New Mexico Mini-state (ss10-11)
3726 Elisheva Levin [Libertarian] New Mexico Mini-state (ss10-11)
3727 Mike Seebeck [Libertarian] Colorado Mini-state (ss10-4)
3728 Lidia Seebeck [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3730 Kathy Wilson [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3731 Susan Sutherland [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3732 Robert Enyart [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3733 Michael Enyart [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3734 Constance Enyart Sharin [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3735 Cheryl Enyart [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3736 Rebekah Fish [Unaffiliated/ No Party Affiliation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-4
3737 Treatha Brown-Foster [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3738 Mark Kahrs [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3739 Helen Van [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3740 Gary Enrique [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3741 Alyce Edwards [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3742 Anthony Hensley [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3743 Vicki Hiatt [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3744 Teresa Garcia Krusor [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3745 Ryan Reza [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3746 Sharon Dubois [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3747 Joey Frazier [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-10
3748 Vincent Alvarado [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3749 Brianna Gallegos [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3750 Stephanie Thomas [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3751 Aleta Suazo [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3752 Ben Salazar [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3753 Rosalind Tripp [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3754 Debbie Maestas [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3755 Lupe Garcia [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3756 Harvey Yates [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3757 Jewll Powdrells [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3758 Thomas Mahon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3759 Laura Burrows [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3760 Elizabeth Hanes [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3761 Helen Milenski [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3762 Mayna Myers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3763 Chanel Espinosa [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3764 Stephen Verchinski [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3765 Rick Brown [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3766 Ryan Buckman [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3767 Em Ward [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3768 Israela Garcia [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3769 Gail Nelson [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3770 Christopher Pena [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3771 John Fakes [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3772 Cynthia Louis Jone [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3773 Rebecca Hampton [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3774 Kathryn Barr [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3775 Ben T. Imbus [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3776 Ramona R. Malczynski [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3777 Jose M. Enriquez [Socialism and Liberation] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-11
3778 Darlene Starman [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3779 Steve Nelson [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3780 George Olmer [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3781 Mark Quandahl [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3782 Teresa Ibach [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3783 Roger Wess [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3784 Peg Lippert [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3785 Larry Wright [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3786 Precious McKesson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3787 Kathy Moore Jensen [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3788 Ben Backus [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3789 Laura Ebke [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3790 Margaret Austgen [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3791 Patrick Birkel [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-12
3792 Ronda Vuillemont-Smith [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3793 Lonnie Lu Anderson [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3794 Chris Martin [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3795 Steve Fair [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3796 Linda Huggard [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3797 A.J Ferate [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3798 Carolyn McLarty [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3799 Danny Chabino [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3800 Drew Cook [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3801 Kevin Hobbie [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3802 Victoria Whitfield [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3803 Judy Eason McIntyre [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3804 Eric Proctor [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3805 Jeff Berrong [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3806 Christine Byrd [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3807 Demetrius Bereolos [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3808 Pamela Iron [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3809 Shevonda Steward [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3810 Shanda Carter [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3811 Terrence Stephens [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3812 Hope Stephens [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3813 Elizabeth Stephens [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3814 Dakota Hooks [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3815 Phalanda Boyd [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3816 Quincy Boyd [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3817 Will Flanagan [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3818 Megan Krug [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3819 Katherine Krug [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3820 April Anderson [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3821 Gretchen Schrupp [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3822 David Schrupp [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3823 Craig Alan Weygandt [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3824 Robert Murphy [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3825 Susan Darlene Murphy [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3826 Richard Prawdzienski [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3827 Jessy Artman [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3828 David Selinger [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3829 Corey Austin Latham, Jr. [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3830 Greg J Brownlee [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3831 Trent Christense [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3832 Jeff Merchant [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3833 Nadia Mahalati [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3834 Gina Vigor [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3835 Sheila Srivasatava [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3836 Ross Romero [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3837 Darlene McDonald [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3838 W. Andrew McCullough [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3839 Knut Scott Lindsley [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3840 Christine Stenquist [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3841 Taylor Smith [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3842 Justin Blake [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3843 Tessa Stitzer [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3844 David R. Gillie [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3845 Frank Fluckiger [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3846 Cameron Dransfield [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3847 Glen Miller [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3848 Reed Miller [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3849 Bryce Hamilton [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3850 Brendan Phillips [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3851 Adam Guymon [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3852 Phelan Acheson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3853 Gwendolyn Sweeten [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3854 Ashlee Phillips [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3855 Alexis R. Giles [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3856 Cherie D. Laporte [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3857 Jose A. Mayorga [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3858 Paige Bryson [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3859 Luis A. Mayorga [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3860 Gordon Flint Dickson [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3861 Jeffrey R. Crane [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3862 Brian Matthew Christensen [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3863 Miriam Dawna LeBaron [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3864 Michael Kerrigan [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3865 Mehmet Hakan Yavuz [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3866 Konner Kelinm [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3867 Lana Neilson [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3868 Claire Holman [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3869 Kennedy Flavin [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3870 Jared Gillett [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3871 Chelsia Applegate [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3872 Sam Coo [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3873 Finn Epperson-V alum [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3874 Deja Gaston [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3875 Alex Murphy [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3876 Amanda Peterson [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3877 Claudeliah J .Roze [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3878 Eric C. Stoneham [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3879 Katherine Forbes [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-7
3880 Kristina Kearns [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss10-2
3881 Paul Rowen [Republican] Draft Paul Rowen Governor of Oklahoma 1Libertarian USA-ss10
3882 Gary Johnson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss10
* * *

Updated on 2022-1-12
* * *

1st SouthWest Super-state
2018-8-5 to 2022-8-5


Parties With One Seat - 19

Julian Waters [Cool Moose], Anita Goodman [Pansexual Freedom], Daniel Bartels [Bicycle], Jeff Verhey [Marijuana], Amy Hanson [Rocker], Raymond Rael [Hemp], The Reverend Q [What's Happening Now], Samael Clemens [Atheist], Chad Lozano [fight the power], Braxton Forbes [bipartisan], J. L. Mealer [Constitution], Douglas S. Van Raam [Free Soil], Cole Gintak [Communist], Larry Duggett [Morman Takeover], John Spencer [Liberty], Dr. Zakk Flash [COBRA], Charlie Strong [Boarder], Aidan King [Mutualism and Cooperation], Royce Johnson [government official 111coe]

Info. Not Avail. - 10

Richard Haley [Info. Not Avail.], Tom Kness [Info. Not Avail.], Alex Kimber [info. not avail.], Nick Ward [info. not avail.], Nicholas Hazlett [info. not avail.], Jay White [info. not avail.], Troy Williams [Info. Not Avail.], Catherine Vickers [Info. Not Avail.], Amy McAlpine [Info. Not Avail.], MaLise Gonzales [Info. Not Avail.]

Pot Party - 7

Ralph Bell [Pot], Hannah Dixon [Pot], Shay Kastner [Pot], Evan Colletti [Pot], Erika Wells [Pot], Tokenwhiteguy [Pot], Randy Jork [Pot]

Independent - 5

Josiah Biggs [Independent], Phil DeBlanc [Independent], Marc Black [Independent], Lydia Kelemen [Independent], Dea Riley [Independent]

Democratic Party - 5

Vincent Hamm, Heather Reprise [Blogojevich Democracy], Paul Freeman [Blogojevich Democrat], Gov Rod Blagojevich [Democrat], Alexander Johnson

Libertarian Party - 4

Tony Dunsworth [Libertarian], Jonathan Jace Burgess [Libertarian], Ryan O'Doud [Libertarian], Jesse Haffran [Libertarian Socialist]

Green Tea Party -4

Diana L. Anderson [Green Tea], Phoebe Berry [Green Tea], Robert Rogers [Green Tea], Sara Jean Baker [Green Tea]

Info. Not Avail. - 4

Kristina Kearns [Info. Not Avail.], Sherry Golden [Info. Not Avail.], Nina Blackburn [Info. Not Avail.], Chistopher Nicks [Info. Not Avail.]

Green Party - 2

Earl Bagwell [Green], Gary Swing [Green]

Republican/Conservative Party - 2

Dan Kennedy [Republican/Conservative], Brenda Wickens [Republican]
* * *

Updated on 2021-9-28
* * *

SouthWest Super-state (ss10)

Maricopa Mini-state (AZ) (ss10-1) January
Pima Mini-state (AZ) (ss10-2) February
Pinal Mini-state (AZ) (ss10-3) March
El Paso Mini-state (CO) (ss10-4) April
Denver Mini-state (CO) (ss10-5) May
Arapahoe Mini-state (CO) (ss10-6) June
Oklahoma Mini-state (OK) (ss10-7) July
Tulsa Mini-state (OK) (ss10-8) August
Utah Mini-state (UT) (ss10-9) September
Kansas Mini-state (KS) (ss10-10) October
New Mexico Mini-state (NM) (ss10-11) November
Nebraska Mini-state (NE) (ss10-12) December
* * *

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USA Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College (Est. 1995)

New England (ss1) January
New York (ss2) February
North Atlantic (ss3) March
Mid-Atlantic (ss4) April
SouthEast (ss5) May
South (ss6) June
Great Lakes (ss7) July
MidWest (ss8) August
Texas (ss9) September
SouthWest (ss10) October
California (ss11) November
PacificNW (ss12) December
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International Parliament (Est. 2016)

China #1 (P-1) January
China #2 (P-2) February
India #1 (P-3) March
India #2 (P-4) April
Africa #1 (P-5) May
Africa #2 (P-6) June
America #1 (P-7) July
America #2 (P-8) August
EurAsia and Middle East (P-9) September
Russia (P-10) October
Europe (P-11) November
Asia Pacific (P-12) December
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