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2013 USA Parliament Schedule

2/1/2013 to 3/31/2013 Cyber-space USA At-large:
USA Parliament "Call for Nominations"

Look what's Happening Now:

The Monterey County Micro-state (ss11-6-8), First Nor Cal (ss11-1) & Los Angeles (ss11-9) Mini-state and the Mid-Atlantic Super-state Parliament Elections (ss4).

4/1/2013 to 4/20/2013 Cyber-space USA At-large:
Dormant period.

4/20/2013 kick-off to 8/5/2013 Cyber-space USA At-large:
Paper ballots and eballots released during election.

7/4/2013 Monterey, CA:
USA Parliament National Convention

8/6/2013 Cyber-space USA At-large:
Election results released and highest vote-getting
All results announced/elected.
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