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Investor Relations

All Party System's Top USA Volunteer Donors Committee (7/2/2013)

USA Donors Wish List Staff Nominees
Nominate a name (or self-nominate) now for the All Party System Co BoD by contacting:
James Ogle (831) 383-1409 or email allparty at allpartysystem dot tv.

  S.C. = BoD Samael Clemens
  R.S. = BoD Rhett Smith
  C.M. = BoD Claire McHugh

USA Donor BoDs' Wish List Staff Nominees
Note: See requirements and definition of Wish List Staff Nominees at bottom of this web page.

Rankings Staff Position Candidate
Sum, elected names only S.C. R.S. C.M. #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
                      Screen Writer Zachary Scott Gordon
                      Actor Johnny Galecki
                      Actress Sonny Thompson
                      Actress Roseanne Barr
                      Actor James Ogle
                      Director Ridley Scott
                      Composer James Horner, composer for soundtrack of movie Avatar

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Requirements and definition of "Wish List Staff Nominees":

A wish list staff nominee is a person who is elected as a contact should the executives have the opportunity to one day actually hire their services for the benefit of the company.

Being elected as a member of this list means that a majority of the five executives have given the go-ahead to place the name on this list. Once the name is on the list at the #1 spot, then new names are always added to the number #1 spot and the name which helds that previously spot is moved to the #2 place.

The executives reserve the right to withdraw their vote or to change their vote and have the name moved to which ever spot they deem necessary at the time.

All wish list staff nominees are eligible to cast a vote for the "Workers BoD" (BoDs = board of directors) and their vote may change at any time they wish to change it.

The votes cast by the wish list staff nominees will be posted to a hyperlink which will be directly under the words "Volunteer Ten Worker BoDs" in small letters near top of this web page on the link that says "Election Updates".

All wish list staff nominees are required to provide a home mailing address. Additional back-up and preferred contact information such as telephone and/or email address is also welcomed.